Although my instruments are usually sold by the time they're built, I occasionally have a new creation available for sale. Sometimes, previously owned instruments that I built become available. Of the instruments listed here, I may be the owner, or acting as the owners agent, or may simply refer interested parties to the owner.

In any case, please contact me directly for more information about any of these. Since my output as a builder is quite limited, these represent a rare opportunity to get one of my instruments without having to convince me to build one and then wait until I actually do it!

In many cases these instruments can be available "on approval". That is, you pay for the instrument, including shipping and handling; when payment clears, the instrument is sent to you and you have a fixed amount of time in which to approve it. If you choose not to purchase the instrument within that time, you may return it (again, you pay shipping costs), and your purchase price will be refunded, minus any amount needed to cover repairs if the instrument suffered any damage while in your possession (or during return shipping).

Once an instrument sells, I will remove it from this page.

 Notice: the Guitarangi da Gamba has found a new home, and the "moonphase Sympitar" is no longer available.

 As of 7/10/2013 there is still one

18-string Sympitar

available from the original owner (for whom I'm acting as agent):


This 18-string Sympitar, known as "The Star Traveler" was finished in 2004, commissioned by singer/songwriter friend Julia Chapin, who sadly needs to sell it due to financial difficulties. As far as I know, it is in "like-new" condition, and has not seen much playing. This is a very special instrument.

Woods are: top- western redcedar; back and sides-Indian rosewood; neck-black walnut.

Special details include some unique coloring of the top, Abalam shell pinwheel inlay around sound-hole, and a spiralling wood-stripe inlay in the back, centering around the rear access door.

It comes with a custom, wooden flight case.

You can get to my Star Traveler web page to see a complete set of photos of this instrument by clicking here.


I'm looking for serious offers on all of these instruments. Please contact me for asking prices (or what my idea of a "serious offer" is for each of them....I'll give you a ballpark hint: my basic, starting price for a new, 18-string Sympitar, should I build one today, would be at least $15,000. US dollars.)