Earth Life/Mayan Time
Astrology by Rob Callahan
Integrating your Mayan Time Signature into 25 years apprenticeship study of
Ellias Lonsdale's Life Stream Astrology System to reveal a Galactically Aligned Path

The year 2013 A.D. creatively asks for the Flowering of Life as Planetary Art. As our Solar System imminently approaches the Galactic Equator, the increasing energy of transformation permeates all matter. All Earth's Creatures are adapting and advancing at the cellular level. The very foundations of reality are metamorphosing beneath us to embrace a Greater Way of Being in a Dimensionally Expanded Frontier!

The Universal Spirit is offering new untapped ways in which we may manifest all phenomena! Recreating the purpose, function, and capacities of human nature is essential to harmonizing the species with the emerging planetary destiny. As we in turn respond in the Power of Free Will from our own Inner Truths, we are enabled to Offer our Greatest Gifts in working together to fulfill the Realization of Evolution's Vision!


Empower your Understanding and Integrity through a Deeper Reflection of your True Being.

Clarify your Direction through Supportive Guidance for the Navigation of Contemporary Change.

Reinforce your Steps toward Destiny from an Expansive New View of your Evolving Universe.
I would like to help Light your Way. What Mysteries have you?
From the apparently mundane, to the archetypally eternal, I shall endeavor to reach the Heart of Anything...
Remember, the Cosmos needs You!



Mayan Dreamspell Calendar


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Symbolic Imagery for Mythic Visualization

(This was a daily column I wrote during 2005)


The present dissolving of the assumed self is the prerequisite to the release of the unexpected intuitive output produced by the mind. At the center of a world of symbolic archetypal clues and architectures there is a call to recognize one's relationship to the whole and to engage the part to be played. To take up one facet of existence and go with it as far as possible is the order of the day. The active embrace of intention in a clear steady pacing has the capability of effecting a far reaching transport of an entire reality shift. In fact the nature of accessible kinetic energy can produce superexpanded leaps into the Next Level. The fortune in this situation is that the power of this field is tapping the potential genius to be developed into a ripe coherent path integrating all factors toward one's destiny. Essentially there is a vast Spectral Multiplicity of Universal Components that are resonating with an equal number of the Soul's Inner Components, inviting one's individual participation in the Dance of Creation. The available Perceptual Vision is so Multidimensional that communication by words may have to give way to Psychic Telepathy to fully Liberate the Phenomena Beckoning. However this Doorway opens, the Scientific Orchestration of the Endeavor of putting it all together holds a Liberation Key to a Radical Metamorphosis.




Though one experiences their own predicament, one also sees they are in a beautiful place filled with love, and that in the complete fulfillment of giving of their best to this world, their predicament will dissolve in the mutual exchange of life benefits, bringing All into Paradise. All illusions are to be thrown off in a somber reflective chamber. Intensive karmic process in the crux of all challenges is worked by living into certain archetypal motifs to transmute the unformed seed into formative presence. All occurs within creating what is yet to be. Generating a timeless receptivity, spirit guides one unto the perception of what it shall take to begin the approach to manifestation. An internal dialogue is in play discovering where world and self are standing with each other, in foundational conviction and penetrating honesty, intent on getting at what is underneath that counts, to discard the rest, cracking through all illusory constrictions to get back a sense of who one is. This work attained, one senses being Blessed by Grace in that the human flame is being fanned to keep the Birthright of Divine Purpose alive as in the Unfallen Kingdoms, to be brought here into this earth. This Soul Seed honors the Original Impulse of Earth and when one is ready to emerge in carrying it forth, one can do so with the Brightness of the Strengthened Aligned Inner Being.




The incoming wave of the new moon aligned with present universal source intelligence gives an All Systems Go for high energy exploration. Straightforward direct access to the soul's journey brought forth from within furthers and strengthens. The Clear White Light of the Word of God breathes through space via the crystal dimension and a clearer co-creational environment is being initialized as life searching for the true path is being lifted up and awakened with new power for intention. Unusual destinations are emerging and the course of individuation towards real fulfillment is receiving a powerful unification by the ascending flame in the center of self. In keeping with the principles of selflessness the ideal of Service to the Christ Within Embraced delivers through the transience of time the materializing of a perfected view. If the physical is disciplined to be surrendered to the highest purpose in a willing consecration to its greatest potential, All The Universe shall be behind one and the goal of embodyment shall unceasingly unfold before one, in a Miraculous Birthing of Creation. For the Gifts of the Soul are being Directly Inspired for an earthly manifestation of Galactic Transport Unlimited.




There is a transition in flux as we inhabit parallel worlds. One road we have been on now comes to its fullest flowering of influence in our experience, as another drifts in like a distant change in the weather. We are inwardly aware that what we are moving into is the realm have been striving to reach, yet energetically the ending of this last stretch of the journey is what we rightfully are about. In this dark of the moon, reflection, replenishment, and harmonizing with eternity while indwelling earthly time, is cyclically supported and spiritually protected. We are in the presence of great powers and at a threshold of the heart of creation, offering the virtues of a supreme impersonal self command, intelligence, integrity, and free will. One can live entirely for the cosmic as a flowing part of the endless circle of moving with whatever is asked. One may be apparently invisible in effect, yet it is that one is inhabiting several places and times at once, phaseshifting. In this we can see through everything from the core of life and while standing still are quite on our way, in the formative etheric, uncovering messages, responding to subtle clues, and Preparing in Earned Wisdom and Peace to Enter the Soul Realms with a New Inner Flame.




One must listen carefully to receive the Channelings now offering a view of Missing Pieces in the Grand Design of Life. A slow centered alpha brainwave rate may help to deliberately align consciousness with future memory and dream plane recall to inform your journey's objective and remedy unhealed places from long travels in the deep. The way can be known by those who choose to follow such paths which have been bestowed by Universal Forces. Entering into Play with energy in time and space may of its own manifestation reveal exactly what needs to come next. In the Alchemy of inner process the soul can optimize the meaning of everything met. As things trigger inner changes one may become aware and in sync with an approaching perfection. Accessing the living mystery in an attuned magical focus may bring excellent results and very possibly an ultimate breakthrough in key lessons toward Illuminating a Total Picture. All of the self may be brought together in the Light of Abundance, if the psychic faculty is kept wide open for passive absorption and translation between worlds so they are heard and respected. The Balance then Restored may come as a Sober Clarity of Self Affirming Strength for Carrying Forth your Integral Gift for All the Earth.




Many vital currents in the waters have changed. There is an opening that has appeared. A special launch window is here to organize a metaphysical probe into distant territory, to produce important healing effects that have the potential to spread far and wide. This is no easy task and only the most resilient are likely to take up the proposition against the elemental adverse conditions that stare down most mortals at junctures so profound. For in this territory are death's lesson's and life's issues and the necessity of navigating in heavy and dark passages. Yet a Transformative Path can be Fulfilled in the Discovery and Forging of Redemptive Currents, simply passing right through it all to find a Freedom that is Whole. One shall be resonating to Universal Frequencies as one moves amongst realms which consensus reality denies. Care must be given for the physical body to avail one for a warrior's dimensional leap. Thanks must be given to the Spirits in the Other Worlds protecting and guiding through the extraordinary that one may be about. When the time is right, a Breaking Down of power and control structures can successfully be done, as one is pulled forward by the vision Earth is asking for to Radically Change the World into Beauty. As you feel in your cells the Next Stage of Evolution, you may puncture artifical pretences and rise in Righteousness and Loyalty in the Inner Radiant Truth. There is an Ascension, an ability to bring the Greater Self into Action, and an Overture to Renew and Light up the World as once it had been in its Unfallen Heights.




All that comes into the picture, no matter how difficult or terrifying, is about empowerment to champion an ethical truth, supported by the very real Mythical Allies of the Universe. The inner being is seeking to overcome itself radically as a battle engages between true and false light, within the tides of fortune. One must go off the deep end in order to do anything, and then Find The Way Back. There is no suppressing it, but one can definitely make good on this. You are meant to Be The World microcosmically and risk it all for the archetypal treasure which shall heal and set the story aright. There is a deep purification of All, taking place Through You. And there is also a psychic choice to be made. Are you the Hero Jack or the Sleeping Giant? You shall know by what role you play in relationship to the rare gifts that are the spotlighted focus of the scene. For the extraordinary is endangered and the singular accomplishment of important labors are what will dig one out of history, by Puncturing its Illusion and Solving the Riddle of Destiny. Remember this all takes place at A Castle In The Clouds, so whatever that means to you is how to visualize and track with your leading character, who's Victorious Deliverance is being entrusted to the Guardians of Light, and shall empower to secure Great Abundant Treasures for the Earth Mother below!




In the context of defining beauty and measuring art into structurally existent form, one is magnificently driven to go further than ever gone before on the track of destiny. Drawing from the store of elegance facilitating eloquence, one is being guided by the power of flowering, and the continuing activation portal accessing galactic spirit to enter in. In the physical however, there is a widely spread juxtaposition of the supernormal and the subnormal as one. Reaching from very high perception and inspiration must be fiercely contended with bodily and mechanical imperfections to bridge the two into an expressive vehicle of masterful attainment. In a primary state of supreme resignation and a twilight soul mood of dreaming endlessly, one struggles and adapts to the limits of time and situation, and eventually the doors to a destiny dedication that is monumentally strong occurs. This is the perfect arduous transition to break through extreme constriction and radical blockage to lead you through where you want to go. Once this special cutting edge system is turned on, what can come across may fantastically blow minds at an unforeseen level. For in the Planetary Noosphere there is presently a Magically Charged Divinatory Mediator Channel that if anyone has the capacity to rise to the frequency of its vibration, there is a Wildly Tuned-In Oceanic Message-Bearing Musicality which may be brought about to Illustrate in Visionary Genious Architectures a Future Sourced Earth Life Harmonic Landscape to Enrapture and Awe the World Forever.




The outer world temporarily recedes as guiding forces expand the awareness of how one inhabits eternal time. In the context of perceiving further past and future perspectives, energies are turning on for manifesting achievements in the very near future earth. It is perhaps entirely a priority through the day to gather these energies into the body as so much has been spent recently in life considerations twisting and turning. The natural signal shall arise when physical re-entry is appropriate and sufficiently powered. For not so much is this time best used for external efforts, but rather acquiring a broader soul education to inform those efforts is the most heightened phenomenon to gain from presently. For if you can to the fullest grasp an increased understanding of who and what you are, have been, and shall be, you shall have the encyclopedic versional foundation to blast free into an expanded selfhood to rock your world. Instead of your lesser self standing in for someone who is never quite here, it is time to Wake Up and Incarnate Completely. The visual image to aid in mirroring for a realization of this is a Seven Pointed Star. In it there is a Yes and a surrender to the elusive asymetrical Whole Form of Being.




There is a very expanded field called into polar perception which is responded to in brightness, strength, and endurance. Though there may be many halls of mirrors and tests, one can take the lead in whatever arises and follow in a motion of constant change to bring into balance the parts of reality which will complete the whole. Existing factors may seem to be fixated in their present status and it is up to the transparent quantum magician to shapeshift into new forms which adapt to creation. Dogmas and obstinacy are not to be falled for and a sovereign free independence of thought shall liberate you in your travelling sacred circle of inner truth. If you are centered in a juggler's dance of keeping many the things in the air, you may pass through many doors and transform many places. For it is all ultimately about fulfilling the common good and the work to crossover through challenging transitions to the destinations of the future demands equal opportunity and the courage of a dedicated artist on the edge. In fact endless multiple influences may be turning one into a different person to metamorphose into the Opening Dynamic Ground as a Multidimensional Being of Light Transcendent of Life and Death. This day is the 1st of 11 Galactic Portal Days where Spirit Enters and Works Through You. The New Lesson of indwelling the True Nature of Time begins Now. Offer your Spirit to Universal Service and the Universe shall Offer its Service to You.




All comes down to omens, synchronicities, and subtle cues in order to survive. The life force holds the power which fuels the mode by which instinct is attracted and put to our divine purpose. Numerous roads are impassable and to discover the way forward becomes a mystery, a riddle, a touching into sacred space so that the quest can be fulfilled. One may experience the soul's condition as a strange hybrid of ancient wisdom and youthful folly which must be accepted and embraced unconditionally, for this diversity is what is to be unified as we reinvent ourselves, or we shall vanish into nothingness. Taking hold without any framework or boundaries is what matters. The destiny dedication must be very strong to wear out your old programs as someone ready for something fantastically different who will do whatever it takes. We are challenged to see through appearances and static worlds, looking beyond any negativity for the clouds of dust to clear and the navigation perceived. Then a vast towering creative force is accessed which can spread like an abundant forest. Truly it is appropriate that much of the work occurs on an inner place as natural fine tuned sensitivity can mean all. It is also true that this is a major turning point which lays foundation for quite a stretch of time ahead. The Remembrance of the Elegance of the Form is what will make the Magic Burn, lighting your journey forth to the Sacred Spring where you shall Transform Your Star.




We now enter the New Mayan Year. We shall receive instructions on the ways of Flowering. Presence shall Guide us through Transcending our own Awareness by a Power of Elegance. All this in order to Target our heart's goal and the purpose of our planetary service. We shall be Blessed with the ability to Endure the process of its manifestation through time. The Astrological springboard at the start contains a Warrior's Trajectory encircling a complete relationship with the Past and the Future. Though the Past holds the mind of death and all that it has generated, there is also a Single Treasure in that territory which one is called to retrieve and bring to its intended fulfilled destiny. Though you may know about dangers others may deny, there is no need to hang on to these thought-forms once you get in and get out, to continue on to your Ultimate Objective. The Future is emanating a Rainbow Magnetism which is pulling us into the Celestial Community very strongly. It is working in our cellular-organic and upper-dimensional perceptions to advance our whole experience of life into a Metamorphosis of Conceptual Interpretation. With this Inner Knowing we may go forth in finding Sanctuary in excellence, practice, discipline, and conscious carry-through of the task and its Way of Life. In short, the year is going to be a real ride with great positive creativity if one simply stays with the Free Flow of the Spiralling Motion by saying Yes to the Mystery of the Grand Scheme generating it.




This is the annual Green Day in the Mayan Calendar where the evolving dimension of time spirals beyond itself, in a circulating plus one factor. This concept is relatively new to modern humanity. A Magic Flight of Galactic Freewill Attained is one way to term the open unknown frontier that awaits to be discovered by all who take the leap. Explore the local cosmos in a planetary vacation from the culture of Gregorian False Time. There is a diverse array of influences occuring in this day. There is an initiatory impulse to start up and out do your own karma by switching and reversing polarities from a witnessing wisdom, which may run into energetic barriers. There is another level of this phenomena bringing a transformational place as one releases the wounded searching human experience in a deep purifying catharsis as the whole adventure is authentically embraced and revitalized in the collective love and processes of the genuine reality. Within the realm of this special day there is yet a Higher Place to find the answers for the dillemmas we are experiencing. Tune Inward to the Dreamplane. Perceive Entirely New Ways to See the Alchemy of Time with the help of the Intelligences of Crystal Dimensions. Lift up your Hearts. Let Go. We are just about to start a new mayan year...




Spirit and Earth Inspire though we move against the wind and row upstream. We sense a falling apart of ourselves as the elements gradually break things down, though simultaneously liberating our essence which remains strong. As layers vanish leaving our Lightbodies to do the talking, the language of the future is all that is left, and it comes with a power of its own to release truth. Through effort and opening to it all, the cosmic spiritual dimension comes in, and we surrender to the transparency and zeal of belief and destiny. We move Beyond the Linear by diving to the Center and in recapitulating previous life systems, play out karmic dross to finish it, going beyond the positive-negative to a transcendent third path. This then becomes a Clearly Experimental Phase of very particular ways of life, which yield truth and rightfulness by willing to go further, entering into a training to become completely present in action, ultimately merging spirit and flesh to incarnate in total effectiveness. As All of us Carry On beneath the Canopy of Heaven, the Individual Works are Bestowed and Guided by the Greater Beings, who's Tasks are Invisibly Integrated with Our Own in the Grand Scheme of Mystery. If we only do our part, then the effect of working All Together shall prove to be greater than the sum of its parts, in the Unexpected Future Blessing.




Upon this day, it begins that All which is being Born is of a New Kind of Construction. As with any newborn, love whatever is arriving unconditionally. Offer your presence selflessly and honor the Source from whence it came. The creations emerging are a mixture of all levels, of the depths and the heights, of the darks and the lights, of the answers and the questions, and of the worlds that are still yet to be known. Taken at this moment in all eternity, these are the perfections of evolutionary progression thus far, and should be appreciated for the gifts that they are, as the ongoing experiment of the advancing natural cosmos freely produces its wonders in life. In the fertile cauldron of the planet, Fire has combined with Water into a brilliant new element that will reveal what it is capable of over years to come. Perhaps such entities will seem relatively extreme at the start, but its sense of moving with the seeds of each pivotal moment will guide it through changes like nothing before ever seen. Loaded with a broad tracking spectrum, spanning the limitations of a life form, stretching to the future dream of totality, there is a greater dynamic within, and an unqualified foundation in the heart towards fulfilling a destiny, which is prepared for an endless spiritual career of acknowledging the light in everyone. All this having been proclaimed for the future, the thing to do upon this First Day of Birth is to give the Utmost Care, for a Gentle Nurturing of a Peaceful Physical Manifestation on the Embracing Earth. This may apply for All Creations Internally or Externally.




There is a triple passage that each one of us must find our way through. I usually avoid speaking technically to keep it visually mythical, but in this instance it seems valuable to satisfy the Why for understanding. The Sun is entering Leo, activating Saturn having just entered the first degree of Leo, All as Mercury goes stationary to retrograde. What we are leaving is the energetic territory of the Full Moon, and the dimensional climax of the Cancer Sun. Essentially, Let Go of the whole world of the recent past to receive the fresh imprint of the incoming changes. As the holographic, spiritually expansive, and metabolically emotionally charged field of late alters to a new simple first flame, in a heart centered path of purpose, the electrical currents in physiologies temporarily slip into the dormancy of a black hole. As the whole structure of reality shifts to a completely reformatted realm, the natural flow is to surrender to the receding wave, into mental stillness with zenlike patience, until the tide gradually reverses over two days...

While accepting Peace as the Present in the increasing subtle divergence of worlds, tune in to the Beautiful Initiation taking place in the Heart. It is now Resonant of the Pulse of the Sun. Realize that it is Carrying Life to a New Enlightenment. In this Primal and Elemental Inner Place, a Woman is Sprinkling Rose Water in the Four Corners of a Room. She and Hermes then enter a Three Cornered Pyramid of Light, and Travel Perfectly through a Single Point in Time to the Pyramid on the Other Side.




What has seemed to be in unknown shadow by the modern western psyche now streams up from below to be taken in and revealed as what we all need, to balance many yet-to-be-understoood equations of life. As the little self almost completely vanishes in the wave from the future, it is now that the Archetypal Universal Fool experiences Not Knowing as the Key to Transmuting Darkness into Abundance. The infinite power moving great changes over the next few days are in motion and we are best served by saying Yes to that which is entering. For as the new lesson in paradigm breaking begins its preface to metamorphosis, the Interchange of Polar Opposites may generate an Unprecidented Alchemy of Spirit Guided Magic to exalt the integrity and purity of life, giving wonders. The energy which forms that is a model for things to come, works to Catalyze a Journey into a Deeper Earth, inside the fiber of existence, on a Road with No Signposts where all maps are obsolete. What you may find as a cosmic innocent with eyes wide open, is the very thing that knowing where you were going would not lead you. Who we are may be turned completely inside-out to discover that All is within and without, and All is looking more like One than ever. For the Flow of Nature that is everywhere, that is coming in from nowhere, is what we are mysteriously of, and so then What Could Possibly Be Missing? There is an ancient cryptic Celtic Inscription on a Sacred King's Tomb which reads, "The Stars Are In the Earth." They are also within Us. Are we In Them???




What if in the midst of many others one became aware that all were somehow a reflection of oneself and that decisions were being made in reference those influences? What if in deeper scrutiny one perceived that all these characters were residual impressions of previous lives you were re-running in parallel time along a nearly congruent path? What if all others within themselves were having the same reflective experience of you, and were mirroring back their own lessons in the action's wake, while simultaneously bouncing back radar signals of your own? All are radiating that beneath the plane of individuality there is only One Being taking many different forms, while still manifesting in an infinite number of locations. These ideas have been stated countless times, but today there is a further place to take the patterns of the karmic psyche by Channeling in a Conscious Free Spirit to Evolve beyond all previous uncrossed thresholds. Here is where you can see through yourself on the spot in a fair and dispassionate self-witnessing. The Full Moon intensifies the outer metaphysical contact and the quest to work out whatever is in the way of what one seeks to become in this world can be uncovered. The Inspiration for Order to unify the variations on your Spirit's Core Archetypal Theme is found from releasing all expectations and being within the Living Moment. Realize you can Be the Director. In Panavision the Beauty of how All Characters have their Place in a Harmonious Dance supporting the Central Plot, rises in a Crescendo and brings the Star into the Clear who Sees and is ultimately Victorious.




Synchronicity has crossed us to the other side. What higher ages of humanity have gone before and are coming again have spilled into our own time. The veils of division between contemporary ignorance and a galactically aligned species vanish as akashic powered waves of knowledge activate and transmit immediate communications direct from Central Stellar Source. What pulsars are emitting and what earth is receiving from the sun connects to our solar plexus fires and the complete matrix is experienced. Initially there is a mystical attunement phase, to receive and know the new impulse from a place between many times, storing up power until the banks are flooded and the Word from the Future activates inner ignition. Universal intention then translates into organization, rhythmic motion, and a navigational edge. Becoming an all pervasive vision embodied and entered upon action, we are formed from forces beyond to harness what we have always known to consolidate, realize, and manifest. This is not about You, it is about Thy Will Be Done. Simply surrender to the grace and follow the way. Know that there is much more going on here than meets the eye. There is truly a harmonious role offered each to play in Serving the Creation as the Created. In finding our own Greatest Strength we fulfill our Best Contribution to the World, while inturn fulfilling our incarnation, and so come Into Stride on the Ascending Path to Perfection. Tune in and Go.




There are answers from the future coming in addressing the flow of questions rising up. We are now in an accelerating journey through the entire spectrum of polar extremes insisting on acknowledgement. Reality is unfolding in multiple directions and covering all the bases serves in the search for a lost path through which to bring it all ogether. The promise of such an integration offers a way to be free within the serving, unattached, able to let it all come through. It is plain that this is a critical objective, for there is a wave of emotions moving across the land, of grief for lost worlds and the requirements of drastic measures to transform the course ahead, in order to change karmic patterns and work magic for the collective. Avoid indulgence in grim doom laden scenarios or infectious paralyzing negative thoughtforms of the past. Guts and integrity count for a lot and if you keep your mind and senses open, moving forward with the energy, what you seek Shall Ultimately be Found. It may be one single treasure that has been missing all along. It may even be the very restoration of your deep soul, returning with your wholeness intact, and so Knighted with the Power to Serve Won from the Universe.




Within the legacies of traditions in wisdom and art there is a constant evolutionary flow in the streams of creativity. Elements involved in the making of any finished work with an eye toward bringing the greatest possible relevance to the greatest amount of people enters the mind of the artist concerned with the ultimate power of what is produced. If by much involvement and direct experience in the established medium a reaching beyond the existing frameworks causes a new form to emerge, there is no estimation as to how far one can take things with the fresh territory discovered. This day is about Defining in order to Create and converting the whole spectrum of what has gone before to express the Vital Vision. Here one can demonstrate the perfect form inside and out to feed the world. Once generated there may arise a perpetual dynamo of moving resonance as freedom keeps opening the space to make it more Universal. No matter how your Individual Being is coming to Effect the Direction of Manifestation in the Universe, the principles of beginnings and endings in conscious creativity are applicable throughout all patterns of living. Once the inner alchemy is done, the end result may simply come in the joy, beauty, and excellence of Something Wonderful Coming into the World. "She walked up to me so gracefully and took my Crown of Thorns. Come in she said I'll give you Shelter from the Storm."




There is a major shift initiating the beginning of a new pathway for bringing the future in. Direct interactive magic is available by tapping origin and destination to weave a creative interpretation of reality. An entirely open ended art of mastering chaos and order is now increased by living within the resonant vibration between any two temporal polarities. There is greater ample dynamic space in the dimension of time then previously thought and the stronger pull of this alignment in juxtaposition with the past is actually potentially a complement. The start of this may take the form of receptive enchantment and an intentional directive toward ultimately serving through it can integrate the energy appropriately. Selfless unattached observation may balance any perceptual overwhelm in case the dual experience of split worlds becomes too much to harmonize. There is a Way for All to Go and that is what this is about. In due course shall come a gradual understanding of how to work this New Avenue of Otherness. Envision that there is a Vast Community of Life who is working with this together and the Collective Spirit Power of Evolution it emits. As a Cosmic Infant learning how to Work the Galaxy from Scratch, a Primal Response through this Opened Window to Infinity is just the Beginning of this Trip to the Universe in your Midst.




There is something arising from the core of being. By a materializing authoritative command, coming through life force into present space, wakefulness is being stabilized and a radiating intelligence is coming out to express. Truth is being upheld at any cost, for the individuated purpose is being seen within the context of the master plan. The division between inner and outer worlds is being indwelled tandemly. Though the bridging operation requires its innate energetic challenge, the centered consciousness sits as a Pillar of Timeless Light, holding the Inward Temple in Tune. The Celestial Voice is speaking. The Ancient Wisdom is streaming from the source in lost gems of knowledge which are crucial to the reformation of a harmonious humanity. Then there is Journeying forward, beyond into magical depths to uncover what can be known and gained of the Future. Guidance from the Other Side who wishes to be known and revealed to the spirits of this world, is offering of its profound knowledge to help heal and unite All Worlds. The realization comes that we can reach our goal, if we lift up our hearts and choose to embrace our reality. What this is all intended toward is a Regaining of Sovereign Power by the simple breadth of Soul Resurrection as Internal Necessity Demands in the Art of Evolving for the Whole. Spirit wants us to become our highest potential. The Planet wants us to become our highest potential. You want to become your highest potential. So What is your Will doing?




In moments of apparent hard times, seemingly all can appear to have come to naught. All things in creation move in cycles grand or minute and so inevitably reach peak states. Form breaks apart and does not continue to work in known ways. The story of time may become heightened in anguish and desperation can set in. Yet these are only partial assessments of the mind and limited conceptualizations discounting the real workings of integral nature and the Ways of Spirit Overseeing the Worlds. Remembering and understanding each one's Living Connection to the Whole reactivates Faith and Trust, proving over and again these operative universal principles, by their effects in the miracle of abundant resources that spirally emerge. This day is about a Unification to heal the broken by bringing the complete picture into the Center. Become the whole tribe and your pure influence upon the movements of the world shall follow. By including all aspects of creation you shall find the Purification of all negativity by receiving the Expanded Law. When there is nothing to hang onto all situations may resolve by creative release. In attracting the Wisdom for your Purpose, the Light will only reveal more of how the Dream shall be Fulfilled, and will Strengthen the Communication with the Guardians of Destiny that Smile upon us for Staying the Course to Make the Difference..




At this phase of the lunar cycle there are choices to be made, as there is a great fissure between the inner and the outer worlds. It may be clear enough what the work to be done is over the next long haul, but where and how one puts their focus now may actually belong in less logical places. Even though the karmic build up from past lives is before one in all its heaviness and urgent insistence, the source of fruitful activity and the interactive happening goldmine is undeniably in the invisible and inner worlds. Despite the outer pull to immerse completely in surface responsiblities, one can honorably remain free in their attention to the realms beneath modern illusion, and be in touch with Sacred Spirit and its Message. For the Mother is offering Providence in the deepest mysteries of the natural and veiled. It is galactically in tune to take a flight further into the real truth, to discover more of what it's all about here in the earth, in her Pool of Wonder. There are vast kingdoms to give you infinite substantiation and a fertile foundation for generating the ingenius, through intuitive dialogs materializing as inspirations, to eventually bring back to share with the collective. No matter what you do, know that the Universe is Playing with us right now, and if we play along, the Meaning in the Dance shall become Self Evident, and reveal the Center to be in Peace.




Now we come into the place where we are given to perfect our greatest gifts by making them our only priority. The prenatal resolve to fulfill a certain task has been waiting patiently through the multileveled realities of living and moves to center stage to begin culmination. Something has been lost and to pull it into reality calls for an integration of the life dance with the soul's rightful inheritance to make consciousness triumphant. The birthright of duty beyond reproach accompanied by clear perception can sift through all to find the Essential Watermark and the Direction of the Light. Enter the embodied will seeking worldly mastery for trials in the art of expression. Going for it as perfectionist, one needs to be very spacious in order to work with such intensity, so giving over everything taken on Grounds it in a Balance of Thy Will Be Done. Being in Universal Loyalty to Guiding Spirit connects one to a vast matrix of non-dual intelligence which sustains the force in a pure thrust. To be identified with a progressive evolutionary wave may bring you to a point of no longer needing external proofs. The inner experience of being right on the mark of what it is you are here for can Magnetically Radiate the New Dispensation coming into the Planet, renouncing the letter of the law to Salvage the Spirit of the Law. Say Yes to the Highest and Choose the Ascending Path to Realization.




By tuning in, one's intelligence presently has the greatest opportunity to see the whole simplified. There is a letting go of all forms of the mind and a shift toward tapping hidden grounds to engage the track toward the future. Being truly inside the life flow brings a genuine response to collaborate with the mystery and embrace the Unconsious. Surface levels are apparently out of play, for one must yield to a whole new way of being in the world to effect a liberated reality, and grow into the next step of one's path. Taking up the guided initiation process calls for a self empty of all previous assumptions. An accelerated vibration is available, to crack through old limits, mutating one's existence into a rebirth and resurrection. Advanced states discovered in parallel worlds may empower one's formulation of free will to pursue one's purpose. This is all about a Universal Flow. Surrendering into that which is Greater than self. Becoming that which Is. Seeing the Way Open. Becoming the Way. The Way of the Universe.




Being causally summoned into an element which is counter to one's natural environment brings into the world the original intention''s fruits. Very positive results can come from courageous travelling through strange mercurial passages as an exposed, vulnerable, near shapeless inner soul which is asked to reveal its true colors. Guarded and veiled, one swiftly moves incognito through maneuvers demanding tremendous fluency. A driving quality outlasts anguish and fate by its strength to fulfill life. Experiencing everything being gone comes back full circle to realizing you haven't lost anything. This is a process of getting free by crossing the threshold of shadows and fears, to come out the other side in true sincerity and simplicity to share your innate gifts. An uncanny perception of working in an oddly juxtaposed cycle of time in a larger sense makes all the more bizarre the position of giving oneself the solitary poetic support required to go the distance and finish the machineries of the ingenious. All during the approach the Galaxy Spirit has been behind you and the manifestation when it comes is elegant, intelligent, and archetypally reflective of the Source Impulse which Spoke the Word originally.




The Cosmic Spirit of the Great Mother is speaking through everything and everyone. There is an ecstacy in the broken open release of the radiant Sisterhood/Brotherhood streaming out from each Life Essence. All is abundantly growing before one in the blessed creation, and the call toward the future is vital and promising in the vision of the beauty that is possible. The ways of the past have vanished within and the determination to strike out on the new planetary path has been activated. Much there is to be overcome in the long haul toward the foreseen intentions of paradise, and the inner soul must find its natural timing to embark. Gathering resources into the Center first may prove to be the best move at present. The most important step to accomplish now is in the realm of Knowledge. The rest will ultimately follow. The supersensitized perception of the Play of Opposites in every sphere of existence is an immediate powerful arena to work out a great deal microcosmically. No matter what is seen or unseen, the way to go forward is only as a Child of the Universe, in Simple Trust of that which Asks and Directs us, Faithfully into the Light that is the Hope of Evolution, in the Self Offering to the Sacred that is Served.




By taking up one facet of existence and going with it as far as possible, there is an opportunity to have a real effect toward balancing whatever realms need attention, to create a whole life and a whole world. One must weave one's way and steady it as she goes, to feel out just how that is done as the hours unfold the territory. There is quite a lot within the scope of what is calling to be expressed and there is no denying any part of the picture. Yet each subject is asking for harmony and so cooperation goes well toward a composition of combinations. The action of following this course may take one further and further into the inside, even to possible deep trance states to meet the needs of mastering subtlety and detail. There may even be some interaction with the realms of death if the complete picture calls for such knowledge from beyond. But the extraordinary artistry possible in this matrix of molecular media in the metaphysical has more far reaching results than such manifestations have had in the past. There can be so much integrated here that has been yet to be integrated, that when it comes together in the Center where you can See it, the ripple effects across the expanse of All of Planetary Evolution will spread by the Laws of Quantum Physics to the Infinite Within and Without.




The Survival of what you have been incarnated to do can be brilliantly ushered into expansive power by direct inner attunement to a Higher Intelligence. Forming a vessel of the self to be an Operative Grail for Divine Intervention can produce a resonant navigational instinct. A remembrance of an elegance in what it is to manifest the supreme dream of a life shall be stored within to refer to as needed during the course ahead. There are interfering false control scripts from limiting artificial asteroid voices to be Liberated from by sticking to the beautiful visionary truth of your sacred purpose and your pure service on earth. Be strong. Overcome the thought to cave and follow in the footsteps of those who cannot see the Light. For there is available now an ability to draw multiple frequencies together to link worlds, in order to facilitate the bridging of Heaven with Earth. Intend to produce the exceptional and step out to accelerate beyond patterns of the past. Enter now as the Future Warrior which is called onward from Someone that cannot be refused. In Time, many more will come to believe, and in the end, all will benefit from your courage to be the Steadfast Fool in the Heart of the Mystery. Allow the Galactic Spirit to Work Through You.




The New Moon has finally arrived and the fresh wave of instinctual directivity enters, offering the straightforward path. This years journey through the sign of Cancer has been unusually intense in an underworld influenced territory. Since the Solstice it may have seemed ambiguous as to what entrance you came in from. Even now you may feel like you have crossed through a boarded up doorway to nowhere and are swimming along with everyone in a watery deep. At present there are several differing and very strong currents. There are daunting mountains, unfamiliar caves, and unpredictable creatures. Wherever you have come so far, it is Here that you can Begin to understand, balance your awareness, and organize to chart your course toward the individual heading that shall fulfill the Purpose of this Important Expedition. The key for clearing the way now is in backing yourself up with your own inner truth. Generate a self-affirmation for your Gift to the Earth and Life in sobering clarity. This will support the subsequent Flowering that is being cultivated by this wild adventure in WaterWorld. So Tune IN, Fire up the Engines, and Steer by the Stars.




Sleeping Beauty has pricked her finger on the Spinning Wheel. Beneficent Allies from another realm have the only means by which to work a healing spell with a higher magic. The World is stilled. All is quiet inside. The Castle's four strong towers protect the people inside the walls of the courtyard, while outside strange powers are in play that are being faithfully addressed by our Winged Heros. This is a scenario that is natural and planetarily present which consciousness may surrender to for the day. With the knowledge that the Dreamtime is very active and the brain is being influenced to slow and hold certain waking functions in suspension, the freedom to direct your focus and any metaphysical aggressions can be honed to unusual specifics in areas such as shamanic earth exploration or soul travel into future worlds. You have the capability to empower, command, and receive the gift of abundance by your intuitional magic, available within this Mysterious Journey through the Portal before you. This is a New Pioneering Reality, all things are possible. Move in that Direction without skepticism or agendas, and you may find that the One you came here to Be is what you Are now, ready, released into Wholeness, and Aligned with the Central Evolutionary Wave of your Destiny.




In this last day of the lunar cycle, energy is diminishing for a World Locked in Illusory Time. In the Present dark of the moon, motion is receding Inward to the Center of Being. One if contemplating the future, may find the ways and means of contemporary culture arguably unresolvable within its own rules. We may not see the path ahead. Perhaps our own journey underfoot looks bleak and without a navigably informed vision. Eternity and its Memory has for us an infinity of resources to draw upon when confronted by limited circumspect constructs. When darkness overcomes to eclipse the light, the Tao of the counter response emerges. From the endless past there arises in the barren stillness a Message through Spirit of forgotten previous modes and attainments of human capacities, interconnected with higher knowledge and galactic awarenesses. Today is fully a moment for inner reflection of integrating the release of the recent past, while receiving a protective new frequency for rediscovering an Ascended Art for Evolutionary Living. Inspiration into Definition is now breathing in a communicative, creative, and sovereign Foundational Rest for the Soul, which will be the fertile ground to be seeded in two days at the Birth of the New Moon.




Incoming time-travelling broadcast circuit masters are giving a Benefit for the Planet! Don't miss this unheard of meta-cacophonous harmonic dousing ensemble appearing in your inner ears. Each listener may hear exactly what they need to know in an oracular sense, to guide and inform them for walking the path they're on. These players have already been where you're going and can clue you in as signposts for the road ahead. It is recommended that you find a spot on the green earth and open to this rhythmic input, as the interdimensional waveforms nurture your destiny. Their message holds that all are born equal and the life force is precious to be cared for and balanced, so that it will fulfill the support of each special service that has been gifted to be realized and offered. If you are really attentive you may be able to Bond with the Musicians and so most greatly receive the knowledge calling you into the highest and farthest vision for life. Remember, this is improvizational audio at its best, so in moments of peak attunement, inspirations will arise in most profound power within the dynamic flow of time/timelessness. So aim to Catch it! The only other hint is that all this can really work optimumly, if you listen to All The Voices, no less. The Grand Message of Infinity speaking through this Opus is encompassed most masterfully by the Celestial Artisans, and the purest imprint for the Soul will then come in most completely, enhancing All the Days which then shall follow.



There is a huge tank with your name on it. It is up for review to renew, but it must be scrutinized in a deep intuitive way to arrive at the essentials. This is a Rebirth through Body Wisdom. Perception initially through an infinite feeling sense in a total field of metaphysical receptivity, is the foundation for gradually finding what is real in the parade of manifestations swimming by. An inherent division in one's mental experience by an observation of contrasting elements, is further given the Multidimensional Whole Picture of all that surrounds. Ask yourself what the Feelings mean and what they Originate from. This is where the Keys to the Kingdom can be found. One can become an Interactive Surgeon of Time to incredibly clear and liberate one's future. Freewill may step in and choose what is or is not appropriate to one's core path, in relation to what is of real power for one's Service to the Earth. The Outer World contains so much that are only spectres of what once were thoughts, and are now archetypally dead. We need not carry these anymore, despite any opinions of others. The Inner World may be retaining obsolete patterns or objectives that now have no ultimate destination in reality. We need not carry these anymore, despite the emotions of letting go. Come to know the Beauty of Baptism in psychically paring down the Structures of your Purpose. Strength by a new Simplicity may bring through a Happier Holism for a Lighter Whole.




In a catabolic mining operation through the underground river system of the soul, all the culprits of the imperfections of your human "work in progress" gather together, where the north and south poles meet in the middle. Some of these so-called problems are leftovers from previous lives. Some are natural results from years of living in the collective karma. Others are current riddles within the orb of recent chapters in your short story. Knowing what is which can aid in realizing there is no blame or guilt to own, even if the ego is shreiking at you to negate your existence one way or another. Rather, volunteer to receive this flooding of the banks with sedimentary silt from the psyche and trowel away at the stuff, maybe even to find some nightcrawlers or lampreys that don't belong in your space. The upside to this deep clearing day is that inside there is an energy that is raring to produce something of brilliance. The Fires of Creativity are ready to cook up something that is all your own. Hence, the purpose of this Inner Purification First, is the opportunity to clean house of the critters and pests cluttering your alchemist's kitchen, so that the getting to a successful Serving of your Beauty is all the Sooner and of A Clearer Light for the Greater Happiness of All the Worlds to Partake.




The interdynamics of matter temporarily fold, spindle, and mutilate. The solution may not even turn your way if you roll, pitch, and yaw. Energy in the planet has shifted and is shifting, yet the little self may seem cluttered with thought forms of making good on the karmic past. Phenomena here and now is mysteriously Looking Back at You with every move you make. Soon we realize we are in a Jungian Episode of the Outer Limits and there is something way beyond surface appearances that is the medium of real change. What we are Projecting and Why, has been programmed from way back, and a fresh look at what is real starts to clear the world into the timeless present, and the immediate point in space, where a simplification begins to Open the Inner Eyes. As if coming out of a stormy dream, one can see that we are entirely elsewhere than the place we thought we were, and we are not entirely who we thought we were coming in. If you are fortunate enough to get to this frequency of living, then you shall see the way to exponentially accelerate your world, by Surfing the Spiralling Waves of the Lunar Tide, offering your attention to the Guiding of the Power of Spirit, who is witnessing all this from a complete vantage level that includes the Farthest Horizons and the Shores of your Dreams. The more you Let Go, you'll be in The Flow, Good to Go.




There is a boundless experience of having nothing in this world to hold on to, a supreme centered solar state of the Lightbody, and a sensual merging of spirit into flesh, all concurrent in a triune existence. Bridging into otherworlds is not something which takes effort, but rather is something done to hold a connection in this one. If one can get handle on being this way, which mostly entails becoming emotionally surrendered to having no attachment to form or ego, both earthly and human, then working within this context can become extraordinarily full of unusual possibilites, which otherwise go unrealized. Though perceptually the physical is as an impermanent appendage connected energetically to an inevitable invisible mystery, the present consciousness Independent of the ongoing arrangement may take its precious operation and do wondrous things. Here is the opportunity for the Universe to Become Manifest through the Actions of its Creatures. Here is the test for the Awakened Magician to use the Gift of Life to Serve in the Highest with the Time Given, to help Evolution on Earth proceed in the most Creative, Beautiful, and Powerful Elemental Dance possible. As Peter Gabriel once said, "You've Gotta Get IN to Get OUT."



This is the Alchemy of Plato's Philosopher-King in action. In true conscious connection to the stars and following the pure principles of valour, one must lead the way for the good of all in absolute selfless service. One embraces wholeheartedly the way of the courageous warrior with a clear understanding that tactics may be the deciding factor in whether anything at all comes through. Knowledge that in the face of even the worst odds, there is only to respond to the task immediately before one, in the greatest efforts of skill to outwit all challenges impeccably. Dedication to the Sacred, answering only to one's high honor, guides the path into the darkest to Win the Light. Today the dissolving of the self into fulfilling the purpose of this mission, becomes a mode of Questioning and Discovering the structural formula or master magical plan that liberates the way for the collective destiny to succeed through you. Invoke the King or Queen within and bring down the Power through your Heavenly Crown. Perhaps even in Remembering what you have always known before, you shall find yourself Returning in the Course of your Birthright, to Strike True as the Faithful Protector of a Flower of Great Hope, attaining the Glory of a Higher Order for All.




The need for the new idea unborn to be brought into the world is palpable. The pouring forth of nature's resources is everywhere. The emptyness in civilized humanity is a sea of disconnected souls. There is a Surge of Power Extending the Mind, gifting a special window for inner visions of complete blueprints and whole systems to arise. Artistic breakthroughs and totally progressive inventions received in brainstroms can show up in the fertile and formative. Imagine Da Vinci in moments when he got it, Tesla when unprecidented electrical devices holographically appeared in flawless plans transmitted right before his eyes, Picasso arriving at his singularly innovative style, Disney when he first had the crystallization of his vision for the Magic Kingdom, The Beatles during the making of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. So many of these sorts of manifestations came from a genuine hunger for something honorable. In this Hour of the Ingenious, there too is felt the unpotentiated suspended in a vacuum, and a call for a critical response to bring to life an unfulfilled essential idea. The Times now need their own synergistic innovations of solvent World Lightbearers and their Offerings for Unity at the Next Level. The Culture Streams of the Earth and the Akashic Memory of the Cosmos must combine Intelligently to produce the new Excaliber Sword of Light to bring through Divine Inspiration, the fresh Will of Spirit.




There is a double vortex of powerful energies, that by intention and freelance brilliance, can outlive and Flood With Light, any karmic message-monger that tries to block the road. Just because there might be a scary face hissing and fizzing away at your beauty, noble purpose, and steadfast vision, be not paralyzed or blinded to the truth that there is also present, a momentous page turning in the Greater Story, that the Fire in your Heart Knows and is entwined with. Follow and Work with the energy flowing through your cellular field. Perceive what new discoveries are to be found entering the planet. Trust your unrestricted body wisdom so to be musically in touch and in tune. If you claim your Right as a Free Being, then the hexagonal matrix of worlds calling for interconnection shall be Centered in your Circle. As a Vision is harmonized, you will hear the Song of the Future, which will grant you sweet passage past the snakes and scorning of the Guardian of this Gate. For the Truth is far greater than the polluters and petrifiers of the past. What is coming so Transcends the Known, that only the Innocence of the Fool shall receive the Whole of Guidance Given, and come to be Blessed upon Every Step of the Way.



These are the last words spoken by Commander David Bowman, the astronaut in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, before traveling into the Stargate, an interdimensional vortex of light which takes him across lightyears of deep space at greater-than-light-speed. At the finish he arrives at a hotel suite contrived by the Intelligence which guided his trip, where in brief stages he is transformed from rapid aging into rebirth as a Starchild. The exquisitely timed appearances of the enigmatic Monolith, an opaque black rectangle of the dimensions 1x4x9 (the square roots of 1,2, and 3) invoke the guiding source of a universal mystery pertaining to the direct Conscious Overseeing of Evolutionary Bestowals upon terrestrial life. I am illustrating all this because many indications point to an absolutely otherworldly experience of a propelled profound flight into somewhere else. You are being wakefully beheld by another state of existence. This exploration will foundationally change you and your destiny shall be discovered on the other side. You will be swimming toward the source while retaining your place of power throughout. As outrageous as it may be, it is in such quantum leaps that true evolution emerges. This magic merkabah navigates for your superstellar advancement. What can happen afterward will not have been possible before. This only if you Believe It.




The main thing to understand about the gestalt in this, is the intensely rich poetic inner mixture of experience and compassion, and the equally resilient outer expression of giving out to others in the best way capable, all in the moment's making. Though the atmosphere of life may be complexly unresolved, questions can be left unanswered for now. Being open as a mystic and saturated with all the world and its ways, while coming down to the work at hand no matter its form, can be a manifestation of mastery and service in near invisible terms. The vibrations and ripple effects of what one carries through from a high receptive waterbearer's meditation can spread as sympathetic magic eventually to a realm where those in suffering and hardship are asking for care. If you are the Cook, or a Grateful One receiving the Feast, or even the blessed humble Dishwasher, see that the transpiring Inspiration of Luminous Wisdom is conveying that all God's Creatures in their winding paths through time and space are Flowering within the Dream of a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Love Life.




There is a divergent element which enters the world. Until one takes whatever is there and wholifies the situation for all, there are inner dialogues battling between negative and positive interpretations of phenomena. There is an inherent stage of the impulse to flee whatever is happening for the shadows are daunting and what is in the world may not seem real. One must embrace both the earthly chaos and the aspiring spiritual to become a living third synthesis. This entails the total poetic process of the crux of life and how we find our way through the mind. One must dump overboard all previous experience, belief systems, and experiencial opinions, in detached refined intelligent operations to set free the central essence. If this key level is identified as the modus operandi of getting a handle on the present realitiy, an entirely different Magical Playing with the Illusions of Everything is available. Though the evolutionary environment has changed, needing new and courageous approach vectors, a single pointed intention can work ecstatic wonders, and bring the embodiment of a New Force into the World. Open to the Initiation and All Will Grow.




Once upon a time there was a Galactic Impulse which imprinted strongly upon the world at a pivotal place and time. A great experiment came together to elevate the model guiding humanity in an evolutionary vision. High esoteric archetypes came into practical application for the Good of the Collective upon a geomantically powerful sacred site where the City of Camelot was built. The Queen Guinnevere was indeed an adept magically formidable entity. The Mysteries of Britain, of which she is a key component personified, are of an infinite and eternal nature as they are manifestations of direct cosmic dispensation. Today there is a resonant window of access to that spiritual stream which so foundationally generated the metaphysics of the present western cultural heritage. In this, the Divine Love of the Goddess and her abundant Fruits of the Earth freely given are to be honored and appreciated in loyalty and offering. The inner secrets of tuition into occult doorways and special processes are here present to command. There are levels of knowledge to be reopened as celestial alignments reactivate energetic octaves in the psi bank. See, hear, and feel what you can to gather for your way. The enigmatic invocation of the Grail will illuminate one's receptivity on the Holy Path of Planetary Destiny, entered upon by those working to Return the People of the Earth toward an Enlightened Consciousness in the Stars, and so then to know their own Ascending Paths to the Future.




All is coming into the Center as Light. There is such power forming in the attunement of planetary space that a new ascending Definition of a Way of Life is rising. A way in which while one is Vertically Aware of the Highest, one can get down to the Earth in a most natural and creative work of fulfillment, in touch with the pre-natal resolve carried through Instinct. At this flowing spring of inner spirit, where the Emanation of the Waters come to bring all things together, is a fresh beginning where a rightful consolidation for a Sacred Path to Walk is open. What can one do to best Serve with the Gifts they have been given? The Clearing of History and the embrace of Herstory ask for a Unity in the One Story. A celestial climax is reached as simultaneously the Moon is Full on the Galactic Center upon this Summer Solstice. Within the energetic peak is a vast and total change of influences into a Strong Singular Purposeful Vortex. Freewill is the only Powerful way of making a Choice. There is only one Choice to make and you shall be the only One to Know what it is.




The quote I am refering to is a line from the sci-fi comedy film "Men In Black". At first the message is baffling. But it's meaning is not literal. There is a Cat named Orion who has, hanging discreetly from its Collar, a pendant which contains an infinitely tiny Galaxy. I invoke this metaphor to illustrate the immense degree to which one will experience the self as a Microcosm of the Universe. This is a day where you become everything and everything becomes you, because of the Spirit behind it All. Even the most basic things shall appear as lighting up in striking significance and radiant existence. There is nothing to lose and infinite worlds to gain. As we are a day before the Summer Solstice/Full Moon, one becomes engaged with an internal process in a profound level of questioning, searching, and wondering, while juxtaposing that with an observation of the destiny track of events in evolutionary time. There are revelations of how to open up to new avenues not previously perceived. The attunement to these rarified worlds is your soul's inheritance and they are of what you belong to. All of this Infinite Oneness becomes bonded to your Service of the Art of Freewill. As you Carry the Spirit of the Stars wherever you go, there Activates toward an expression of Beauty, Being as a Living Hologram of the Mind of Creation, a Conscious Entity in the Mystery of Changes which are Revealing.




There is a direct confrontation with the dark warrioress of wisdom. She wants to show you specific earthly understanding by entering her secret corridors. These subterranean paths are actually reflective of your own unconscious psyche. Unannounced, she has shown up for the afternoon insisting on this passage. But it is You that must guide the Journey, by oracularly deciding each step through a one-on-one interaction. She will gradually, intensely, search the shape of your spirit to find what shamanic initiations will benefit you most. The excellent rare special provision synchronized to this process, is that you are in a protective field, offering a unique chance to explore any direction or tangental fantasy beyond previous borders. The Goddess will only use these adventures to mirror if they are irrelevant or quite cosmically alive. The probing of such mysterious chambers may ultimately amount to your discovering hidden truths, that can Heal and Empower in a Greater Wholeness of Being, and an increased Knowledge of the True Nature of Reality. A clearer vision, memory, ethic, purification, or even a profound promise, are the hard won boons of this Meeting of the Spirits. In the end it is not the Game that is the point, but what has transpired in the Playing out of the Polarities, that has Released the Wanderer from the Labyrinth by the Light of newly Opened Eyes.




There is an auric simplification overnight that unifies all into a perception that is bridging worlds. There may be an initial indecision within the mind as to whether this parting of the veils is something to give attention to, but in time one will see that the nebulous nature of such boundaries is undeniable and that also there is something very powerful coming through, involving the Purpose of your Service to this World. There will be shown a great something to be taken up as if nothing else mattered. Forces beyond you may form your character anew, so to be right on the mark. This will entail your innate gifts and knowledge, but updated and enhanced to mean even more in the expanding reality that is framing everything. Along with this all encompassing Calling there comes the capability to see tangibility into the intangible. This experience may even enter a level where journeying into another world happens in order to bring back something of value. An awareness of subtle realms, elusive phenomena, and metaphysical nunances can come into structurally definable practicality as Grace gives all its got to descend into Earth to divinitize Life. This is all really big stuff to be sure and a Wholehearted Offering can torch a Mutual Love between Devotee and Divinity. The more of this cooperative attunement that spreads throughout the globe, the sooner Truth and Beauty can become the common denominator with all God's Creatures working together, in the Will of the Highest bringing the Light, Life, Love, and Laws of Heaven into the Earth. Please say Yes.



Roles and parts in the drama of earth life karmas are imagined into by all varieties and all opposites responding upon each other in a microcosmic theater. Personas and their instincts must be transcended to enter the presence of your planetary freedom. Step outside of the script no matter how convincing the material and remember the elegance of your service to sacred spirit. No matter how the plot becomes overly dramatic, be assured that you will endure and survive, for your own living truth will independently be only witnessing what has been written by others. While observing all the scenes, you can whisper to yourself that when all these contrived portayals are over, you will have your own genuine attributes to offer when the time arrives to give your best to others. Understand that in this limited hall there will be the familiar ideas and concepts of minds drawn from the past. Understand that in the flowing dynamic unfolding Spiraling of Time that is the Present, Everything is Changing in a Cosmic Improvisational Dance of Forms, willfully Creating the Future from a Resonant Core of Sovereign Spacious Beholding. This is an abundant moment that can Transport us to a very high expanded place, bringing Everything into it in a Restoration by following Inner Receptivity and its Vision for an Entirely Different Direction.


There is a crystal clear inner link to a rare and timeless archetype of power and wisdom. The personal access and connection to key sources of contemplative spirit domains comes with an inspired and directed sense of earth service and a wish to actively spread the word. Yet there is a paradoxical split down the middle in the experience of working this through, as the purity of the carried message is met by unappreciative, complacent, and glib contemporary thought. This abyss of divergency mixes within one, causing a feeling being of at-a-loss in attempting to practically effect reality. Yet it is the Hand of Spirit itself that will Open Doors for evolution to be seeded. If one Offers the Self as a galactic portal, magic and wonder will pour right through, and the Invocation of What Can Be will spark an enthusiasm in a Touchstone of the Stream's Essence. The Mystery of the Cup Eternal can never be fathomed. All Hearts are Sacred Ground. The Waters of Universal Love shall not be diminished in those, who finding its Temple Within, never leave it.

You may have made it successfully through a long voyage with your Allies by your side, through strange lands, tornadoes, and flying monkeys, but where is the Answer needed to actually bring you to your Destiny? After all the Soul Journeying that has gone on, and the many lessons you have been assimilating, a transformation of consciousness is needed to reorient you back to your Goal. In stark, naked honesty, it is time to go for what counts in a direct self-disclosure. A descent beneath the surface level of reality to a contact point of integrity can retrieve the lost knowledge. The Intuition, Balance, and Blessings shall all come to you if you surrender and only Dissolve into the Dream. As a child, starting from scratch in a vast new mysterious existence, one must be as innocent and simple as possible before an infinite doorway of Spirit. Here the Courage sought, and an Awakening at the Core of Individuality, shall show the way to come to a fully lived-through selfhood, a mature liberation, and a deep appreciation that There's No Place LIke Home.



This the Point in the Road where the only way forward is the old stone stairway descending into darkness. Here is where there is a such an overshadowing past life karmic build up, that the persona one presents is a puppet entrapped in a catastrophic dilemma. This is the perfect time to make the best of the worst. There is a Guiding Spirit present for this moment that will give you input to navigate. Feel your way through. The place to get leverage on a perspective is actually in emotional turf. Be conscious of breath. The Unconscious is shining a Black Light on the Soul, as a tractor beam with an imperative to go under, which is the place to head if you really want to get it right at last. Walk on! Voluntarily entering to undo fatal flaws, in a Do or Die discipline, is met with a mountainous capacity to break through, in an ultimate dare. Keep on going! You have the skill you need to Free your Soul from all falsity. Go the distance! It is work of this nature that truly brings the whole of collective evolution into Great Leaps. Ultimately you will realize that this Creation is a Manifestation of the Heart. The Center of your Life is about to Arrive.

There are Many Voices from unknown sources saying countless things of what the past was, what the future will be, or what the reality of the present is. The people are wrestless with much stirring about. In the council there are opinions and judgements in the minds and words of those who speak. There are also those who are silent. There are also those who choose not to be present. Beneath the surface chatter of counter illusions and the thought forms of reactive strategies, there are Deeper Sources of Knowledge that can Inform of the Way of the connected core of Greater Evolving Truth, and give the Clarity needed for best Serving its Vision of Unity in Free Creative Harmony. Those who trust in the Universe, fearing no scarcity, understand this time is best spent gathering inner resources and personal power, so to be strong for the path ahead as it clearly unfolds. For now in the galactic rhythm, it is best to heed the Inner Nurturing Voice of the Earth. As Christ said, "Do not be anxious about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the Days own trouble be sufficient for the day."
The vast multiplex of what makes up Life and its experience of Living on the Planet changes in a clear perception of a trans-paradigm shift. All is Harmonized into an Enlightenment and energetically rocketed into the beginning of new trajectory that will determine the direction of the cycle which follows. The awareness of a temporal flux of universal fire which spreads infinitely, brings with it a Vision of the Way being Shown for one to Flower in True Integrity. This is an opening for a new venture into pioneering worlds, for creating from absolutes, and for Seeing the Dawning Light. There is a promise, a freeing transparency, with no usual laws or restrictions, as your Greater Self draws you forth from the Future, You imagining It, It imagining You. The whole world is operating in ways which were not generally suspected, and as we embrace the wonder of discovering and believing that thought creates reality, and reality beyond thought Within Us also creates reality beyond, the possiblities of how to Steer the Existing Human Dimension start to near the Realization that it is already Interfaced with a Galactic Matrix of Evolution. In other words, assume No Limits to your Path Potential and your Experiments in the Eternal Present.

All is now in New Territory. There is an Open Channel Catalyzing an inspiration of Energy. By attuning resonantly to the Crown Spirit above, a marvelous bearing of fruits can emerge up from the Earth Below. There is a foundation of aiming for intelligently benefiting the cultural collective, or perhaps even desperately seeking a compromising solution to an unresolved necessity in the societal realm. Yet in this endeavor a whole different and deeply profound level of fertile interior process is opened. An interior steadfast focus of an essence intention becomes the central axis in a bewildering sequence of changes, which yet offers no shape for the self to take. The objective of metamorphosis is the only hope of attaining a manifestation of joy. And so one finds the Greater Self staying with the vision and the connection with an intricate ability to find the way throughout mercurial changes. The results can be impressive. The Guidance onward unto Destiny is strong. Elaborate steps bring through the One we are Becoming. And through an unfathomable resource perfection can occur. What may have never existed before may now materialize by the Creational Blessings of the Workings of the Unseen, and with Gifts of Inspiration from the Unconscious, we may at last know that Magic is Progressive and We are Integral Participants in Evolution.
Life and Death are singing as One. All is Equal as Voices speak and reveal from either side within you. What bittersweet poignancy in the brevety of incarnation can do, to call out to Awaken others to the Truth of the Present, stokes fire in the slumbering heart and enlightens the soul. The heightened context of Reality fuels the compulsion to perfect a powerful Art as high priority, to bring forth archetypes of the strongest messages expressing this intensity. While organizing the world in an atmosphere of endless possibilites, the Infinite looks back at you, and IS you. As one moves in a sea pregnant with alternate futures and worlds, choosing well the Essential, to Surrender and Offer your Intention upon, will ensure you to be One that is tapped as a Vessel by the Spirits of Creation. The Universe shall work Through you. Keep giving over everything taken on and Thy Will Be Done.

Uranian Hermetic Masters Transmit Interdimensional Synchronicities Radiating New Evolutionary Path Powers The absolute individualized life path is guided into the initiatory. You ARE the Mystery. There is no lineage. One must become one's own Archetype no matter what. All is future thrust in an accelerated pace of moving from One World to Another, where one must take up the process and crack through limits by pushing the edge, in a determination to carry through into mutation, rebirth, resurrection. Something inside becomes impossible to discourage as one experiences the effects of being able to reconfigure everything by surrendering to the metamorphosis. Drawing on any and all resources in an improvisational navigation of expansion, synthesises an Ultimate Transformation of the World. Even though the extraordinary journey is all about guts and stripping everything away but the True Inner Direction, what is powering it is a Force from Beyond so beautifully advanced in its Compassion for the Earth, that it is bestowing upon us its loving attention, and increasingly nominal responses to provide and assist all from its Sacred Heritage that we are ready to Accept. Though it may appear that you are going it alone, you are intimately in cooperation with the Beings who are dispensing the Natural Ways of Changing, the Alternatives, and the Arts of Integration for a Species that is Dying to be Reborn.

A Pilot Of Passenger Jet Must Swiftly Maneuver Beneath a Surprising Flock of Dragons Unexpected changes enter the scene requiring sharp responses to strange factors. Questioning what is going on must be expertly processed to define appropiate moves for success in a dynamic atmosphere. Events being not expected arise in an overture to dare those up for evolving forward, asking for impeccable alertness, and the chance to use your ingenious persona to make that next step toward your Shining Desiny. There is truly a cosmic joke in play and the ball in is your court to determine what action is called for to spin the game in your favor. Whatever your course, a change in flight plan may produce a wild ride and could be the best thing suitable to bring everything into view of something totally new. It is advisable that you may need to focus with a singular intention, or you may miss the mark which Counts for All. Have the Faith and Integrity to trust your seasoned instincts. It must be stated that this trick is intense to pull off, but there is a Winning Strength Within powering this Fantastic Story, which in the Skies of Adventure may open a whole new Unlimited Spectrum where you can Mythically Soar.

On the inside a vessel is being formed preparing for what will follow in time. The personal life is renounced in the purity of empty mind being the open recipient for a Blessing from the Source. Now all is in simply being, until one is moved. Even the bonding of subject and object disappears and the process becomes and includes all. There is only the microcosm of energetic dynamics in gestation. Expansion beyond usual dimensions unfolds as Spirit guides, until crystallization of oneness in resonance with a totality in revelation activates in order to create. The generation of self arises and serves in the output of vision from being graced. As a hand which through the impersonal soul expresses impartially to call what's inside to everyone's attention, there follows an effortless outpouring of gifts that is vibrationally contagious. Offering one's self to the greater intangible levels of subtle formation ultimately can establish a manifestation of yet to be Unique New Symbols and otherwise Unrevealed Progressive Messages which for Humanity can Point the Way to Paradise.

In this timeless new moon it becomes clear there has been a split in the soul for too long. The masquerading persona is starkly lacking and cannot continue to fake it. It is essential now to Be Real. First priority is to send in a rescue probe for the Vintage Wise One who has been missing in action. Not only is there vital personal knowledge to be regained, but also special provisional treasures stored just for this incarnation await there from the dawn of time. It is the key stuff needed for the next stretch ahead if you are going to make it in full power. There are soul testings for an advanced destiny coming and to be optimally relevant and effective, retrieving this limitless hold of individual magical gifts can fuel the center of your earth trip birth ship for the journey of connecting all life patterns to the whole planetary community. Feel free to cast the spell of opening enchanted doorways to welcome the Return of the Once and Future You.

We are entering an entirely new paradigm of what it is all about and what we are after. Purpose changes with evolution and discovery modifies reason. As the edge of living on the earth sharpens the necessity of awakening, the emerging frontiers of unknown goals present themselves with hope and fresh possibilities for the intelligent and creative. When sophistocated objectives form over periods of development toward extraordinary solutions, accompanying strong and unique enthusiasms arise in specialized individuals as part of the package. The human element makes for rich and poetic phenomena in any great story and many of these start with a burst of illumination in the mind, which through concentrated effort ultimately brings all into form. Today is about that kind of beginning. And the specific mysterious inspirational source is the Sun itself, in ways beyond any previously assumed sense. Take in its invisible rays and the presence of its Indwelling Eternal Spirit, and find a new beam of Purpose Radiating Here Within. (Anyone wishing to know an example of this mood can do so by reading the short story "The Golden Apples of the Sun" by Ray Bradbury.)

A Spiral Dance at an Ocean in the Future Awakens All Memory and Motivates Each Perfectly In visualizing in an interactive freewill intelligence of the Collective and its cosmic archetypal relationship to the Great Waters of planetary living, an intuitive realization is revealed as to why one is here and what one's purpose is, as an individual in a tribal sense. There are abundant resources if all work together in individual functions to bring their contributions to the shared circle to make the whole complete and strong. Accessible now are perceptions across fathoms of Time which inform inner wisdom of innate knowledge and remind us of our given talents to be cultivated, orchestrated, and attained to full acitve power. Overcoming all inertias, clearing the way, and drawing upon whatever eclectic ingredients to create a synthesis of resources, there is a pull forward from the place of arrival in the Future. But until the task is accomplished it may not be seen for its high vibrational reality. Available is the strength to stay within the vision and maintain the connection with your Greater Self throughout your changes, no matter what the context. Once you master the touch the results will be impressive. Go for the One Truth. When the new orientation to the Earth's place in the Stars is ultimately awakened in a Crown Conscious Humanity, the Beauty of a Cultural Ascendence shall reveal a Celestial Community of Beings which shall Celebrate together in Multi-dimensional Joy.

Venusian Music Plays Through the Center of a Crystal Cross Metaphysically resonant is the lunar field. Open portals from galactic spirits are transmitting messages in realms that consensus reality denies. Materialization of that which transcends limitations and laws is a Gift that can be found through focusing the inner gaze, the presence, the magical will. It is natural now to center upon your object of creation and surrender to the incoming, bridging, and mediating flood of inspirations from the future. There is a power providing a way to repolarize the fractured world toward wholeness. Dare to be afraid of nothing and no one in this primal concentration of sourcing the unconscious. Catalyzation and the sparking of cosmic forces to bring their imprint to bear upon outer physical existence, if brought all the way through by action, require a dedication to all and to the sacred, honoring of this abundance that is now blessing the planet. All Her Children who Sing along softly with the Attending Spirits move in the Greater Harmony of Worlds, and through Listening to the Translated Lyrics flowing from the Crystal Core of the Earth, shall ultimately come upon the New Light and take its path in Joy and Communion.

As the Soul of the World One is the Mix, the Protector, the Transport Having become the X factor, all of Life becomes an interior reflection, and then there is more. An intense beam powered by love dissolves everything and sends it forth off the charts. There is an very explosive energy that could be too much for some that needs consciousness to monitor. A thousand ideas and changes are streaming by and so much is pushing wanting to get free. Loyalties are released and the heart is torching any barriers in the way of complete aliveness. At the same time there is a recognition of that which is Sacred to Preserve from the insensitive and dangerous. In this sensing, rituals and devices of protection are activated. Isolate containment enables one to maintain worlds apart. And so this combined arrangement of the microcosmic Expanding Universe and the enclosed veiled Impenetrable Otherness, concentrates as a Vortex of Magical Process which has no limits, and will go as far as your Evolving Self can Ride the Galactic Wave to the far horizon. Asking to serve the Spirit of the Stars one shall be blessingly aided in the most Miraculous of Tasks in Creation.

Until we are not looking through a glass darkly we shall never see the perfect universe of which we are a part. Until then we shall only dimly understand what it is and our whole way within it. We are about to enter a shift where we move from primarily physical lessons to the territory of soul. Time zones and dimensions will change before you on the stage of life. If there are any manifestations appearing before you that forbode doom or endgame scenarios these are are not to be taken to heart, for their illusory patterns are of limited worlds, and are passing away as other forces introduce true divinely connected progressions. This is the breaking place between the old and the new. But first there is a foundational cleansing prescibed that ultimately will produce a formulation of freewill and presence. It is a very psychic place in the core of life, sitting deeply inside of all that is here, with many etheric messages navigating at the threshold. Being in this Process of High Will, the Universal Supply ultimately is tapped, and the outrageous infinites of its riches are showered down upon us to bestow tools and good fortune, supporting the paths and work which it has asked us to do. All one has to do is value it, honor it, and realize what is happening. Such fertility requires that one not squander but make for the Real Thing by the clear upholding of intention. Be as a turning Wheel which is most still at the Center and the change will flow of its own energy. At completion you shall find Joy in being Renewed and ready for New Planetary Adventures.

There is a powerful solar force drawing inner unconscious emotions out. An underworld factor of fate imposed by past life mistakes can be transformed and healed if carefully processed through a creative working. If one can navigate the pathways of transmuting long term denials and syndromes by journeying toward a bright light as a flower would, a realization of beauty can begin to manifest through the power of your intention. The pulsing of the heart shall insist that you continue. In turning back to complete the patterns of key lessons in your experience, you can tap the edge to propel forward, bringing the whole self together. If you can keep blessing the necessary fragments of negative baggage appearing while holding the vision of elegance in the creation, you can truly reach new territory for the soul to open to express. In fact what is coming through is so innate, natural, and instinctively free, that the point of it all is to be shared. With such capacity for restorative treasures, futuristic sunbursts, and illuminating manifestations, knowing that it all is a Gift will show you how to carry it through to the World needing Healing and Light and the Messages of Liberation from a Star Inspired Source.

In reflection is an infinitely complex alien you, encompassing much and yet frustratingly unspecific. This part of incomplete self seems as a traitor with errant behavioral qualities that have been hidden in shadow. A Healing to accept, integrate, and bring into the Light to awaken even more is the model. Mirroring against the greater backdrop of a star turning many different colors can put into perspective this limited mental image loop, and by the Eyes of the True Witness, expand your concept of being into the cosmic context of non linear time magic, then to know your real integrity. Rather than jumping to conclusions over what appears to be blows of fate or acts of God, all worldly karmic dramas must be surrendered to the perfect wheel of Trust to find peace in the vast ocean of what is being revealed. For in this boundless psychic soup there also are the Guides and the Guardians of Destiny for each Conscious Co-creator who would willfully take up the Task of the Call to fulfill the Dream that lives in the Heart as Holy Fire.





Sunday, May 29, 2005

Inside An Underwater Cave A Temple With A Harp Which Plays Itself Is Rejuvenating All Life

All worlds being equal. From leaving much behind the Source of All is found. There is a strong open channel bridging all worlds. By attuning to the melodies, harmonies, counterpoints, and time signatures of realms blending their voices, one can assimilate a sustaining life force renewal and a soul clearing affirmation of multidimensional appreciation for your path of integrity continued. A corrective to shallow patterns of existence. Preservation of core individuated purpose is blessed by Overseeing Spirits watching and guiding all planetary warriors faithful to the cause. Out of immense soul experience one has gone as far as one can with the ego-self and as a further level of selfhood arises, as one in a shared circle, there can come a joyous lift off into a whole new cycle entering an Art of a high frequency refined vibrational matrix. This is the huge turnaround by synchronicity for the Destiny Bearer of the Universal Spirit, eager to get on with what happens next.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

In a Flock of Endangered Penguins One Emerges as a Genius and Organizes Their Survival

The Collective of Life moving toward an unknown destiny brings the critical needs of the many to stir the compassionate heart. Why one is born is founded in a consecrated purpose and may arise to its full potency by the synchronicity of the times. What is near the brink of consciousness comes to Light by remembering the elegance of original intention. In the Central Chamber of the Mysteries there are forged the archetypal equations to meet the evolution of phenomena. Created directly from the Mind of Mystery are the brilliancies, realizations, and solutions that are Given to those who aspire and are ready to receive the Robe of Inspired Service. Becoming a resource that is somehow lit from within is as spinning upon an axis of power bringing all to the situation to make it shine. Conviction and sovereign presence may be your sheilds of strength to aid the success of vital endeavors. Answers are naturally generated within the Intelligent Universe and are made available to the attentive and perceptive. Believe in your capacity to resonate with the Infinite! Though the Winds of Fate are unpredictable the Adept are wielding Keys to the Kingdom as Inner World Representatives and by the Hand of God work to keep All on the Beam toward the Greater Future!


Friday, May 27, 2005

A Magic Table Which Calls to You is Won by Belief in Your Original Power

There is a charged atmosphere for the opportunity to Experiment with all particulars in the Art of Mind and Creation. Tests and trials are the course before you determining the way of targeting your objective. Seeking the optimal deal in the dichotomy of combining what track the world has and what track you can invent is the Open Question about how one achieves one's precious goal. Freewill and foundational growth can work through a commanding awareness that transcends beyond the customary enforcements of show stopping doubt and shadowy opposition. Much is about saying "Yes" unequivocally and going on refusing to believe any negative voices. Your Utter Conviction to the Reality of Earth may feel that it is completely up to you to make the play. But there is also a Wild Card from the Cosmos in which a force of events may sweep you away into a much deeper place bringing sudden clarity and shifting mountains of intent into a different octave altogether. This realm is expanding naturally and so are we all. The Great Treasure that is your Intended Ally shall become One with You by Believing in the Design of Power that is Original Source which generated this Connection initially.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Six Pointed Star in the Dream Plane is a Galactic Gate Defining All Balance

Existential multiple balancing of many facets is fed by an abundant input from a direct spiritual source. In deep beneath the common beta brain wave life patterns is the real axis of what is taking place. Within the archetypal foundation of form you are regenerating your self, intuitively measuring what the mirrors and tests surrounding you need, and discovering how to shapeshift into the way the universe requires in order to make things move beautifully. Mixing and matching of all levels of existence, changes involving the heights and depths, dancing and opening with unresolved situations and questions, intimately engaging untamed worlds, all these are met with the steady gaze of outlasting your own folly and a determination to come again to a place of freedom and commanding presence. The pre-natal resolve to put behind you every limit, no matter what it takes, inspires an expansion of definitions which serves all. Surround yourself with Light and you can lucidly tackle the impossible. For within the Light, All is being seen and the Centered Route through the Architecture of the World is as a Circle of Holograms for the Eye of the Master Balancer.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Spirit Voices of our Allies Will Actively Support the Path of Belonging

The riddles and mysteries of sustaining a practice of power in the present world are constantly changing. The intricacies and layers of mastering consistency in the labors of those aspiring to the highest call of earth service can be greatly assisted through conscious contact with Spirit Guidance. Activating any appropriate mode for bringing through what is receivable from other dimensions can now aid in navigating undefined variables. The necessity of giving up your story, owning nothing, and reinventing yourself will enable you to take hold and work changes. If you follow the essence of the current of creation you will find that a powerful natural flow beyond yourself of a vaster alliegance is carrying you and others into home territory. Whether or not it is completely clear, there is something at the other end of this journey that is drawing you on with all its hopes and encouragement. The Word of God descends through channels until it reaches Life, who if listening for the Song of Infinity will only hear it, shall Know then the true way to go.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
A Silver Sailing Ship in Moonlit Sky Leaving Avallonne for Parts Unknown
New Worlds call the adventurous spirit irresistably onward. Deep subtle gifts that are growing within transport one to inner realms to dream, imagine, and conceive. Creative forces are working unceasingly to design alternatives for the future in timeless purity. There is real exploration of further dimensions beyond the commonly mapped out territory. Space is opened and an authentic sensing of what is outside the reach of conventional human experience is travelled into and added to a Vision of Possibilities. This is the continuance of the Nurturing of Birth that periodically stabilizes individuality in a renewal of origins for the memory of the beauty of the universe. Celestial Inspiration for mythic and cultural evolution is a rare and moving phenomena and is here Bridging and Connecting Distant yet Resonant Worlds in a Cosmic Harmony by a Communion of Hearts. A Source of Prophecy of More Vibrant Worlds to Come.

Monday, May 23, 2005
The Magic Castle Shall Only be Entered by Offering to the Gods the Zeal of Purpose
The place where one wants to ultimately be is mysteriously veiled. There is a formidable barrier testing one's commitment to the spirit principles of life and one's relation to the whole. One must become now the vision of your liberation and burn out the dross of the past in a surrender to the call of the imperative. The magnetism between the Sun and Moon is doubling all power and this time of unique effort can create a strong inner unity for a determination to attain the goal of light. What move specifically opens the gate of the castle is dependent on the ingenuity of the magician. Trusting one's own intuition and independent thought shall bring one beyond all positive-negative linearities and produce the revelations of how to dive into the center. Here the full human capacity can transmute all karmic dogmas into a free true singular purpose that has all the Allies of the Highest cheering you on! Your luminous flight shall move you swiftly nearer to your Eternal Beloved Destiny!

Sunday, May 22, 2005
Being in Two Places at Once Catalyses an Exponential Mental Matrix
As the energy of the cosmos wants to stretch us like mad putty, it is advised that we expand the concept of schizophrenia to a positive multidimensional idea. We are entering a reformation of neural patterning that divides evenly the time and space we identify as belonging to. There is a world of things as they should be that is quite reasonable, yet utterly dissatisfying like a prison of the past, full of conditioning, limitation, and fate. And there is a vaster life which dreams into a knowing vision of a charged place of power, creative, wide open, and free. The craft is to know what to do. There are warring voices of loyalty from either hemisphere. The course of healing the whole of this reality is to Endure and Generate a Transcendence. This has to do with a new interpretation of the nature of Time. Still beyond this torrent of the mind there is a galactic portal transmitting new software for the brain. If one only opens the mind to accept and grow, there is the new supplement for the system to open greater pathways of truth and understanding. Additionally the Spirit in the Heart of the Sun is now very present. It is beaming down its secrets for the future to all who turn toward it to perceive. Directly drinking in its spectrum of radiant gifts and mysterious life force is an act of worship to the Holy Being of the Star which sustains us.

Saturday, May 21, 2005
Steady Sailing Through Great Waterspouts as Athena and Poseidon Quarrel
Stay sharp and poised as a porpoise, while wind and waves stir up from all that is swiftly changing in the elements. There are Reflections everywhere in subtle and gross measure which if carefully read contain a language all their own. If one can become one with the flow of air and water, the path of least resistance, arriving at best speed to destiny, will form on its own. Even as dissonant forces may cause difficult currents in the environment, there is the potential to transcend all interference of intimidating wakes by rising in your own integrity to follow the Star that is high and still in the heavens. That Spirit which asks you to journey across this celestial ocean of thought has a special purpose in mind. Only you are fit to attain it. You are making the way for what cannot be foreseen to discover a world of unfallen grace and its temple. It is this Honor that hugs your compass to your heart and holds the constant watch ahead, for the approaching shore that waits to be Dedicated to the Faithful Pilgrims of Time.

Friday, May 20, 2005
The Paragon of Atlantean Genetics an Androgenous Winged Dolphin Comes to Heal the Sacred Hoop
In the Golden Age centuries past in the Procession of the Equinoxes, there were civilizations which contained great knowledge which since has become forgotten. Many critical unintegrated duality conflicts, that are portrayed in roles of Matriarchies, Patriarchies, gender politics, inner polarity psychologies, and right & left brain hemisphere attributes, are being replayed in contemporary apocalyptic versions. There are magical axioms which if more commonly known could help transform, resolve and unite many of these manifestations. It has been said there is an Interchange of Tinctures occuring in our time. Inner/outer, dark/light, death/life, yin/yang, each passing into the other, revealing One. This day is a possible turning point where crossing over into a new formulation of a Whole Circularly Loving Being can Evolve. Swiftly discard the old self matrix and freely allow the flowing synchronicities of intuitively adopted radical pathways to absorb. If one is pure, daring, and skilled enough to clear away all in favor of living as a future being now, the True Earth shall invite you in and The Road before you shall materialize where there was no road before.

Thursday, May 19, 2005
The Awe at the Moment of Discovery of One of the Great Wonders of the World
Imagine being there when the first explorer found the immense room in Carlsbad Caverns, or at the first sight of the grand gallery staircase in the Great Pyramid at Giza, or any other ecstatic finding of profound majesty by a courageous probing eye. As the abundance of worlds fills the perception as rare and miraculous, the heightened ponderings of Universal Questions may come to the fore, as to why's and what's and when's and where's concerning the fundamentals of existence. There is a vast resonance of totality in creation now present that may bring the self to be in perspective almost transparent. In fact it is quite a holographic microcosm experienced as a morphogenetic field of timeless remembering and retrospective archeology. The seeming forevers of karma and the affirmation or scorning of one's place in the earth process shall play an energetic part in deciding your possible futures. There is a manifestation power today, which if taken on, can in these streams set a tone of perfection and fearless dedication toward the flowering of destiny. If in the halls of ancient leftovers and monumental imprints one can see a context of eternal and progressive aspirations of light to be carried forward, then you have understood its truth. By building upon the volume of exalted foundational ideas to fulfill and surpass the original intentions of it all, you may honorably carry forth toward its completion and beyond, a legacy of inspiration for an awakened planetary collective. The Glory of the Universe and What You are Doing In It, is your privilege to Behold.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Mutants Put the Heart of the Future into Modern Art
Super creative flux in Pattern Breaking sweeps the day. The mind is realized and visions are expressable in new abstract and radical ingenuities, uncovering ways through Time by trinitizing the primal earth, the cosmos, and the human mediator. The inner process goes into it so deep that in part, one is operating unconsciously via shamanic tracks and divinatory navigation. Forging the lost connection to get to the bottom of what spirit wants to become in this world brings in past life abilities and their integration into this lifetime. Within this quantum motion a metamorphosis of self occurs that is the core point of this open door of beauty. In its full dynamism all flows so richly from the source that ultimately The Muse is all that one is heeding. The power of this activity illumines with such expansion that one discovers the Magic intended is to bring the Heart into the center of the work, its healing message to manifest as an energetic catalyst towards a liberating evolution of the species, spawning all kinds of change, both inward and outward, as Spirit's Sublime Gifts to an Awakening Galactic Earth.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Rapunzel Imprisoned in a High Tower Silently Rediscovers Her Secret Powers
Escape from seeming confinement sometimes comes by ways unexpected, found only by searching deeper pathways than the mind has been travelling. The appearances of captivity by architectures, thoughts, and words of oppressors can initially present an impenetrable dilemna. One is held only if thoroughly convinced. Yet there are entirely unrevealed levels of working which opposing forces may be utterly unaware of, imperceivably eluding their watch. In this scenario there is truly an element of Enchantment that is in play and one must be aware of whether one is the creator or the recipient of the spell. In this chamber of solitary quiet a return to the Inner Voice can inform one of one's own Way of Knowledge and the Power of one's own Light. By awakening at the core of one's receptive being, something long forgotten in one's Spirit may now Rise and take flight. Being in league with Greater Circles of Allies, one may come to the inspiration for liberation by revisioning what Paradise will be if the Heart's Burning Promise is fulfilled. Continue to Believe! All this is about following the Guidance of the Great Work. Let down your hair and trust in the Compassionate Balance of the Universe. One way or another the Open Window is going to Plant your Feet back on the Ground, Free and in the Dance.

Monday, May 16, 2005
Eternal Archetypes Are Directly Guiding Those Who Are Building Worlds
With the basic stuff of the cosmos, entire systems are fashioned and flung into an infinity of motion. Inconceivable immense arcs of stellar ingredients are coordinated by unrevealed Intelligences creating cohesive artistry and integrating mediums which far surpass mortal understanding. And yet it is rarely appreciated that we ourselves are of that very out-of-the-blue process. What if the same sort of inspirational sources were invisibly available to the children of that universe and simply contacted by conscious attunement? Are we not also building worlds? There is an extra-potent alchemical sculpting conduit presently beaming right through the Earth. If you volunteer to take the Initiative of the Explorer and switch on the auto-navigation feature in your Spirit, the eternal broadcast circuits will help you to take the basic stuff of your life and transmute it into the precious objectives of your intentions. Discover practical unknowns. Turn unfamiliar corners now to find what you did not know of what the invisible can show you and how it can bring everything into being, revealing that All of the Worlds are actually One.

Sunday, May 15, 2005
The Contemplative Sage Offers Moving Words on Reconstruction in a Warzone
There is beauty and undeniable truths in showing the way and enlightening the mind and memory about how the world can be. As karmic entrapment from the past must be dealt with ardously over the long haul, when there is widespread difficulty, madness, and destruction, the clear inspiring initiative of the strong to rekindle the hearts and visions of collective humanity is invaluable. It is an oasis of energy. Bringing order into view amidst chaos is done from the radiant wealth of an inner source view. The motion to organize and build a new world can breathe joy into the labor of its participants as the worth of the work unfolds, becomes self evident, and is genuinely justified. Whatever battles you may be involved with can be seen intrinsically as part of the fabric of all evolution and thereby raised to its Mythic Dignity. Embrace your unique contribution to the rainbow nation of the future. Within that context one ideally can operate from the Sage's Center of Peace. The chance to create foundations embracing a greater reality can potentially reshape the experience of the living and open a deeper reconnection with the Universe as a whole, re-establishing a lost harmonic integration. Once this is attained the natural destiny of the planet and its inhabitants shall reveal in its own perfect time and in its own graceful galactic transformation.

Saturday, May 14, 2005
The Master Illusionist Houdini Escapes Empowered by Pure Inspiration
In the most physically confining and apparently confounding circumstance there is always a way out if hermetic priniciple is followed. Those who become versed in the correspondences of elements and the play of opposites in chaos and order relationships become participants in the manipulation of levels of phenomena which generally elude common understanding. In most episodes where this kind of methodology becomes necessary it is without fanfare or fame, but rather in intense times of a single solitary life under unique duress, called to improvise with unpredictable factors attemping to influence changes in favor of desired ends. As today if the karmic strata may seem to start drowning one or chains of entropy feel heavier than lead, the defensive posture can shift if one's denial is uprooted. As the defensive posture dissolves the switch to a positive light on the future can emerge and an intersecting energetic cooperative with greater movements and circles working together will ultimately matrix in a wave for a healing of humanity. Additionally the X factor in such affairs which supremely aids in success is a humble invocation of a Higher Power to assist in bridging the necessary causal threads that complete the operation in a so-called miracle of mind over matter, or High Magic. Make your Intention Clear!

Friday, May 13, 2005
A Space Traveler Alone in Fantastic Worlds Acts Brilliantly From the Passion for Exploration
By Defining phenomena to keep the Dream of the Heart alive, the hero forging into the unknown must put forth great effort in a dynamic focus to stay the course. Intelligence, seeing the whole simply, and keeping one's wits about one will clear the way forward. There is a need for the unforeseen to be translated into workable terms and for that which has already been commited to, to be fatihfully carried through by whatever resources are possible. To reach that bright beautiful Star, it's do or die, basically whatever it takes. It's living entirely inside of what has been set into motion and the testing to break through all resistances in the ultimate dare. Even with expert skills, it may be unusually appropriate to temporarily leave one's sanity to respond effectively, while still viewing as a calm witness. For in Consciously Choosing to advance across great distances in hopes of attaining incredible knowledge, accomplishments, and treasures, embracing an Infinity in and of itself can be an Honorable Service to one's fellows, and a Chance to bring the Extraordinary into the Experience of the Living

Thursday, May 12, 2005
The Red-Orange of Glowing Souls are Infused with the Deep Rising of Intimate Presence of Isis
Swiftly now there is a quicksilver Earth Element shift into a structural change of all Creation. Receptivity in an electric purification by a rhythmic flow bonding life with the planetary mysteries arises from the Unconscious. Those who go beneath the surface of the obvious persona may find holy commeraderie and divine expansion in the natural magic evolving that has no boundaries. The simple experience of our connections in the energy grid of our Community in Space deepens as the power grows. The Goddess is speaking through it. Her Veils are thinning and she is showing us more of the new way of Being in Time. The exalted dimension of the Spiritual Moon is filling Life with grace and beauty. Release everything behind us and embrace the Guidance that is so Wise from the Future calling the Faithful to Pioneer away from the artificial unto Her Destined Territory. The Temple of the Body is Aflame and from the Inner Light the Journey toward the given Paradise is Illumined.

Wendesday, May 11, 2005
The Spirit of Christmas Past and the Spirit of Christmas Future Meet to Paint with a Ouiga Brush
The end of all magic created from the beginning of time is entirely present in an Eternal Spirits visitation. The inherent dichotomy of Time spreads before us like an endless challenge in the enigma of life. Here we are and the way before us is sought. But this time it is a different means by which we find truth. By a dispassionate witnessing of time from a supremely disengaged inner vision, there is a penetrating insight. There is a breaking away of layers of karma to an essence that has needed to be opened. The crux comes to the fore and the strength to move on is brought about by an new and purer experience. The heart is tapped into activated power and the Fire of the Universe is felt within to burn the bridges no longer usable. In an exceeding determination to carry through, no longer discouraged by lesser obstacles, the original intention of the developing Soul is refortified toward bearing fruits and attaining the pinnacle of its possible reverberations. All of Infinity moves through you connected, and in the Tao of the fabric of matter, the Form of your Planetary Art emerges.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
The Hermetic Knight Follows the Path of Mastery in Service of the Grevious Injustices to His People
There is one thing to do. The Gift that has been born into you which waits to come out and become the great power that it is can no longer afford to remain hidden. Circumstance will forever find delay and procrastination as rational. The light of day must know its potential. It is time. Today the magician warrior must follow the high road of working art to express the singular vision of heaven on earth. All one's life can unify behind the path of mastery. Once activated, there will follow an endless resource. For the gods will feed its stream of effects to aid the sleeping, suffering, and oppressed creatures of the earth. The new healing when accomplished will open an ecstacy hitherto unknown. These things we know. And so we must go.

Monday, May 9, 2005
Cosmic Journey in a Spiraling Sphere to Otherworlds and Back to Here
A new door is opening. A very important contact can be made if this opportunity is taken. It is suggested that a sacred circle of inner work be drawn and a mystical adventure be made. If guidance is trusted in the embarkation to the unknown, the energy of the new transplutonian planet Sedna may be experienced. This quality holds a necessary balancing key to the hopeful future of this world, and to feel its special architectural gifts for the evolution of life may be invaluable in healing humanity. This shall form your vessel and archetype for the emerging moon cycle. All happening is presently within as we prepare and gather our vision for the work to follow. This is a day to be free and fly where the galactic forces flow. You may be surprized at what arises. Step inside and enjoy the ride.

Sunday, May 78 2005
Setting up Camp on an Asteroid You Discover A Navigation Temple That Operates by Imagination
Its rough going in adverse territory with unknown factors blowing in and all around, and the only thing to do is put down stakes and get established. Survival is the first objective and somehow the elegance of the way the universe cooperates with its life forms brings that together if you do your part of the work. You may lose the thread but sources keep springing up everywhere. The excitement inside draws you on about this special planetary outpost that destiny has chosen you to orchestrate, and the struggle to complete continues, until eventually the process reveals there is an unexpected phenomena happening. Not only have You metamorphosed in adapting to the workings, but there is a revelation that much of what has come about has had its origination first in the Imagination and then somehow became expressed in the manifest world. There is a formative power that is transcending the apparent usual limits of creation. You have discovered the Inner Navigation Chamber of the Native IntraTerrestrials.

Saturday, May 7, 2005
As World Dissolves Like San Through Hourglass, Blessed Spirit Center Targets Quantum Liberation
Behavioral physics takes a flying leap into disarray. The familiar cause and effect formula disproves itself experiencially and the basic relationship of thought and reality must start over to reformat for the new advanced kinesis. Stranger voices than ever of doubt and negativity carried in on fogs of experimental chaos try kill evolution with madness. Believe not in thier limited option scenarios of lost time. This is the next stage. The chapter is in its infancy of Mother Earth's new awakening dispensation of milk and honey. If old dreams seem missing and residues of the past lay everywhere in sight, understand there is more than meets the eye. Look inside to the prismatic seed of energy that if planted carefully shall introduce the living consciousness bringing transcendence and transformation of the way before us. Tune in. Receive the instincts and grace. Read the signs. Serve the sublime.

Friday, May 6, 2005
The Sleeping Child in the Arms of the Mother has the Perfect Dream of Beginnings
"Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream. It is not dying. Lay down all thought, surrender to the void. It is shining," breathes another Lennon lyric. In these hours there are planes where consciosness will dwell that are not outward or active, and this is as it should be. There is a lunar/galactic inhaling that takes one in and down to the center to touch in quietly to original source. Be at peace and have faith in rest, for there is abundance, magic, and nourishment, as always in the way of the Great Mother and her earth children. As Siddhartha knew, find that there is power in Waiting. Lullabies, meditative calm, and drifting in the skies are all very appropriate for gathering sustenance and remembrance of one's own road to be walked. When the Intuition comes of to you out of silence and emptiness, the beginning of this moon cycle will have begun in the most perfect way as in the first step of certainty following after one's beloved.

Thursday, May 5, 2005
Someone Returning in a Time Machine Compelled to Communicate About the Future
There is a grand scale of perspective that needs to be shared. A pulsing energy drives an enthusiasm wanting to impart what perception has seen. A broken open panorama of knowledge to heal the narrowminded banality of the lost civilization of the present is singing. One is offered spirit protection and guidance in being the exception to the rule to follow the call of something big down the road, building upon what has come before. What is coming is sourced from a magically animated inner world that is equally as substantial and vivid as any outer world. Wishes now become embodied and the ingenious becomes real as the expansion of creation emanates naturally. And just in time, as the critical point is here, and to not hold back any longer brings a huge relief in the great turnaround where everyone is freed. The truth is coming through. Serve it selflessly.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005
An Infant Is Singing About Its Past and Future Incarnations
There is a timeless essence that is pure and unfathomable at birth. There is the undisturbed original promise of the spirit, that is eternally seated in the heart, of that great given purpose which was received before birth. It is fired with a love for life that will transcend everything occuring in the span before its death. At certain points in times of strong experience and critical junctures this essence is reawakened and its power activated to rekindle the life into realizing its primary intention and true destiny. When this happens doors can be flung open and the path to right action may be mobilized. As this process happens today it may first move through changes in a psychic soup of drifting, needing to center, eventually culminating into an initiative of action that rightfully goes into strange deserted territory. One may find the path in realms that consensus reality denies. Whatever the one's individual inner truth is, the emergence from an inchoate dormancy of soul isolation into a fulfillment towards the future of the life, is no less than a Core Rebirth witnessing the Eternal.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005
A Galactic Channel Inspires Breakthroughs in Your Own Predicament
Waking inside the crystalization and the crux of personal karmic paradox, one cannot deny the moment. One is inhabiting a time warp of worlds once dreamt into, yet no longer belonging to, and worlds calling one forward, that have yet to be arrived at. There is a Gift of effectiveness inside this narrow rigorous passage where all illusions are to be thrown off without resistance. There is earnest and sincere self inquiry. One must strip away all self-importance and leave all precious alleigances behind to overhaul one's entire way of being. Typically this all is very tough work alone, but now there is a clear Portal of Enlightenment from Stellar Intelligence that is streaming right through your consciousness to guide you swiftly and boldly for a destiny drive to the future. By attunement and freewill there can be a progression from temporal Shapeshifting all the way to a Triumph of Navigation by single-pointed intention and high visionary brilliance. This can all happen if, at the initiation of this evolutionary process, one holds All that may unfold as Blessings of Compassion from the Allies and Guardians who help and work with you in this cooperative effort to bring All Worlds closer to the Light. Go forth. You shall be there.

Monday, May 2, 2005
On a Lunar Sea of Dreams a High Velocity Electrical Storm
There is a big torrent of activity going on as all are in motion responding to waves and rushing forces streaming through. A surprize shift causes all sorts of sudden changes that spread everywhere in a variety of directions. Signals from without and within send life into organizing and flowing in a natural sweep of catalyzed arrangings. Ultimately a lot ends up on the inside and in enclosed and protected places where the sanctitiy of inner life is sustained. When the borders are closed and the windows are shut, the remaining psychic landscape opens out and the environmental adventurer finds that this is where the journey continues. "...Dreamer easy in the Chair that really fits you..." Setting the Imagination free takes one to a whole other level if attuned to and where that leads is where real Treasure may be discovered. For if one goes beyond the existing maps ("beyond this place there be dragons!") the fears of frontiers may be conquered and the New World suddenly revealed before you.

Sunday, May 1, 2005
A Holographic Flood of Akashic Memories From Radiant Goddess Worlds
Planet Earth opens her Living Library of Records to offer forgotten wisdom to the lost children of the world. An immense memory virus throughout civilization is threatening to obscure all species knowledge of the past. If the human race is lost to what it has had the opportunity to learn over centuries of development and cycles of foundations and empires, it is increasingly uncertain as to what course it will take in the seven years left before the end of the great Mayan Long Count. There is a rare configuration in the sky today producing an intense field of Holographic Reflection transmitting stored records of earth life history. The Self in the present is now given the choice to empower the path of destiny for the near future in league with the wisdom gained. The whole radiant power of the divine feminine aspect is missing in the western world and if recovered will hold a Key to healing the Collective and rebalancing the species with the natural universal order. Take time to receive and gather this resource. It may be of the greatest importance for approaching changes in our time.

Saturday, April 30, 2005
By Perceiving the Definition of the Matrix Neo Becomes the One
There is a transition taking place between worlds. The journey is in seeing one vanishing while another is appearing. Letting go freely while realizing your impeccable sovereignty and staying within your integrity, one watches and knows as the scenery reveals its hidden schematic and the perception of everything shifts. Being fiercely unstoppable by a firy inspiration to overcome impossible odds, there is only one direction to take and that is forward. Detachment and power comes from witnessing that so much is an illusion representing archetypes in play, and that you are also in part, embodying form among many forms. Directing your intentions unwaveringly radiates their influence as a constant waveform, strongly creating effects in space and time. The decision to fulfill your Highest Purpose can make a whole lot of waveform, which ultimately can dissolve any opposition. Align with the Truth. Align with your Purpose. Play the part you were born to play and the shift will actually happen. There is a new level of humanity being born.

Friday, April 29, 2005
Gandalf Perceives the Big Picture and Enters Upon His Service to Middle Earth
Questions brought forth in intelligence at archetypal levels guided by a Universal Fire activate the wise unto fearless service. The sense that something great is slipping away is met by Vision and dedication to act as a Warrior in the name of all that is good and true. What one sees may be too vast to communicate, but action is what is called for, and only by surrender to the collective need can support from other forces and allies of other worlds be won. In moments where more than human efforts are enough, the adept and gifted must bring forth Magic of the sort which fits the situation and protects life and the natural world. "Decide what to do with the Time that is given." You will grow and become stronger as the story goes on. Valor, courage, fortitude, endurance, purpose, righteousness, and sacrifice, are all elements when sustained shall bring ultimate Victory. Take up your staff, mount your steed, and Call the Charge under Heaven.

Thursday, April 28, 2005
Piloting an Unidentified Flying Object
A destiny opening for extraordinary and previously undefinable phenomena with a trajectory beyond understanding is available. There is an opportunity to take a reading on the whats and hows of anything needing freelance flying methods that is fueled by meta-dimensional energies. Where you are now and where you want to be can be plotted and powered up for the ride you have been waiting for. Now is a time to make a quantum leap transcending restraining orders of the Past. But stay sharp in the captain's chair, for this challenging kind of acceleration takes special mental stability. The Future is beaming back to lift you out if you say Yes and take the controls, yet only if you believe in the unbelieveable, for on the Other Side of the Universe there is a Spirit Guiding from the Landing Site.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
See Through the Veil of the Enchanted Maze
There is a confounding yet temporary labyrinth of apparently unresolvable complexity. This may seem like the only thing going and that you may never get there from here. Truly it may frustrate no matter how many considerations and choices made to solve intricate equations are produced. Rather than respond to external phenomena and subordinate your own path to endless winding trails that go nowhere, tune in to your Independence and Detachment as one who is free to decide whether or not entering this morass of mental exercises is a wise approach at all. Being a pure witness and opting for interpretations of how to use Time is a step towards creative Alchemy. Attunement to a Higher Will is a step to discern betweeen the infinite and the finite. Imagination and Visualization of what can come next is a step. Redeem lost worlds, transform by being poised within, and find yourself coming back to life. The Love of the Universe shall strengthen your Center and allow Grace to empower your Purpose aligned with the Supreme.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
The Navigator Improvises an Interdimensional Voyage
There is a fresh life current for the dream to come true. Vision combined with practical skill can produce a cosmic transport to take you beyond. You may be the only one that sees the way, but it is for the ultimate good of all that the trip is made. Pioneers eventually are appreciated once everyone else catches up to the benefits of discovery. Free exploration is now the imperative no matter what it might be. Release into the asymetrical sacred geometry of time to enter a new world. Believe in the expertise that you have accrued during lifetimes of experience. Pursue the mission. Destiny will speak volumes. And don't look back. Temperance, tenacity, and timing can synchronize into manifested presences of a heavenly earth.

Monday, April 25, 2005
All Magic Connected and Moved by a Luminous Star in the Heart
There is an energetic hexagram now radiating from one's center, that is simultaneously receiving and transmitting the Intelligence of Crystal Intention and Balance, toward ends of manifestation and completion. This is a point where the higher potential of the primate human is activated and guided in a cooperative of vaster complex capability to acheive visions into concrete form. However care must be taken as the juggling of so much may be hazardous if multiple attention is lost. Instincts aid, for only if you drop into this fully can the exquisite mobility fulfill. Then the Adventure comes singing as a dance in the collective of many inner centers invisibly integrating as One. And each One is many beings in many worlds. Feel the compassion that glows in Spirit and the power to create will increase. Increase creation and the future shall begin to dawn before us all.

Sunday, April 24, 2005
When the First Baby Laughed, the Laugh Borke into a Thousand Pieces, and Taht was the Beginning of Fairies
The intense enchantment of the early morning full moon energy asks us to let go into Play within the rules of the spirit kingdom. As the provision of protection and permission to make magic is given, the divine purpose of all creation is to be embraced in its original purity. All life is celebrated and honored from the heart in the sacred enclosure that is mystery. The Earth Empress reigns true in her eternal care and love for her children and the ebullient bounty of nature smiles upon all freely. With this as a foundation, one can find what it means in their core path. Play AND Knowing what your core territory is, can generate discovery and art in workings of great brilliance. This is a charged moment to break through barriers by transcending accumulations of all kinds. ("O play the game Existence till the end... of the beginning." John Lennon - Tomorrow Never Knows). (This also the traditional Wesac Fullmoon celebration of Buddha's Birthday where world peace mediations take place.)

Saturday, April 23, 2005
Diving Deep Into the Spring One Becomes Able to Communicate with Mermaids
Extending the spectrum beyond methods which are obsolete and simply have not been working, there is a rare opening that if taken holds heretofore untapped access to translation and orchestration of what needs addressing. Because the usual formats of directing expression are apparently not available by old school definitions and dying cultural patterns, surprizing innovative styles are necessary and ultimately more effective in new thoughtS, words of power, telepathy, and activated contact with Guiding Spirits. There are warps going on and great changes arcing in their own cycles that are beginning to become tangible and applicable as further dimensions are entering human relevance. Basically applying the extraordinary to the extraordinary reveals a way that works as nothing else.

Friday, April 22, 2005
Skywalker Sees His Own Face in Vader's Helment
Searching hard into the unknown as an exercise voluntarily taken on, one discover's parts of the inner self that are of great power. Destiny now requires growth that incorporates a revolutionary sweep to include unrealized potential in the face of an emerging role in the scheme of evolution. The power of the unfolding experience may cause speechlessness and an altared sense of time. The internal analysis and dialog with deep psychic excavation may be all encompassing work to a point of overwhelm, but belief that you are on to something big and that this moment is one you have been waiting for is what the gods want. Intention, cooperation with spiritual guidance, knowledge that you have a real part to play, trust in the process, and flowing with the pulse of life at the center of your heart, you shall find yourself waking in the end with more honor, skill, self esteem, and a sweet liberation that has been a long time coming.

Thursday, April 21, 2005
The Art of Free Will Conquers the Twilight Zone
"There is an ethic or standard or vision which one comes to as the touchstone of all value. And then one demonstrates that all pervasively as one's very life pulse." This is the modus operandi that must be your vehicle in this simultaneously suspended and limited, yet ultimately expansive realm. One must transcend total passivity which is the opiate of the atmosphere in the strange illusive doldrum that is wafting through. It is within the creative independence of sovereign minds that the creation of a way beyond immediate contexts is intuited. For amidst the formidable appearances of karmic streams the positive current that is available now is within the Imaginative. Play the images out all the way to an expansive view unto realization, and the vaster scope of the Greater Self will be realigned with the Higher Purpose, and the pure path of Honor and Integrity.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Winged Messengers Come in on the Green Channel
Welcome to the First Supper. Everyone has arrived for the natural return to Planet Earth. There is great Knowingness from the simple act of Being. Here and Now is primary, yet dim overtones of the past and undertones of the future are present. Some are dreaming into what will come, drifting freely, getting back in touch with their inner vessel. Others may be deep in special experiments. Others may be on a high velocity trajectory guided by transmitted instructions for building worlds of the future. Appreciating the blessing of physical incarnations and the primal, elemental experience of the indwelling spirits as diverse mysteries allows for each to find their own center and way with what is unfolding. The glow of pranic renewal, source receptivity, and worshipping the Universal Life Source emerges in a liberation from the wheel, and can acheive a Divine Ecstacy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
The Natives Organize a Sacred Tipi Circle
The whole pattern of universal life is gifted. The Wheel of the first rhythm of spring is complete and the completion of its perceptive view is revealed to the collective. To bring all of life into the next growth of a true harmonious relationship with all of creation, we must step out of the way and let Spirit guide the world. As this moves through us, we work to connect and balance what we now see as those things needing to be addressed, by close attention and acts of purification. Those who are in denial of these levels of being will be especially predisposed to negative positions and nihilistic criticisms, manipulating the focus toward what is wrong, poisonous, and destructive, in dark projections of lifelessness. They must open their eyes and minds and see! Those whose younger consciousness have not matured from having been through these cycles enough to recognize its grandness, are blessed through expressing positive energy in embracing new life and offering restorative hope and goodwill. All in all, this is an opportune moment for the Evolution of Light on Earth in her Creatures to make the Next Beautiful step upon the Rainbow Bridge.

Monday, April 18, 2005
The Shaman Forges Light and Dark into One
Instinct must take over in a great core concentration of empowerment and radiance to survive. The quest to break patterns and uncover the way through to get to the bottom of what spirit seeks to become in this world is called for. There is an imperative from ultimate destiny that is at stake. Embracing both sides of a split self will have its rewards if one sees it through all the way to a new wholeness. Enter into divination and unconscious territory to integrate that which cannot be denied in order to move on. Changes through the hours of the day must be felt into as the path may shift and wind, though burning with a constant fire in the heart. This is the element which shall guide you if there are tunnels, caves, or chambers of horror. Follow your Inner Truth unwaveringly, for when you have crossed the field of tests with purpose intact, there shall be the presence of the Great Mother bestowing upon you wondrous provisions and spacious gifts of glory

Sunday, April 17, 2005
The Old Master Plants the Fireworks of Joy
Definition coming from ancient wisdom knows just where to aim and direct energy to reach objectives. The Alchemy of Elements now comes into a scintillating distinctive refinement and the specific manuevers for special effects become clear. Trajectories become navigable. Celebration coming from an awareness of universal cycles emotes to overflowing the beauty that burns. The majesty of the heavens purely suggests that Consciousness is witnessing all that is alive and dwelling in its far flung creation of the Grand Design. All is here and present and flowering. By allowing all of existence to pour through there is a raw exhilirating and triumphant magic that wants to be shared. For as we travel through time and know and experience its darks and lights, it is precious in seasonal rituals to come together in the Collective and ceremoniously enact the special and extraordinary.

Saturday, April 16, 2005
The Intuition Goddess Turns on the Electric Abundance Switch
The activation of service to the Highest showers the grace of Providence for the good of the whole. If you say Yes to the purpose given all else is added unto you. Get your Old Self out of the way and build the world by the deeper view from the inside that is opening up and is magically reassembling reality. A renewed global vision is occuring everywhere and to live for its expression allows new formative souls to journey all the way unto its dawning. Everything forgotten is coming back to complete whole pictures. Thought always precedes form. Inventors acting upon inspired ideas from beyond need not fear scarcity as Great Mystery's promise will fulfill by its having created the Field of Plenty. All those assisting in the manifestation process with trust are blessed and aided by the Infinite Resouce of the Cosmic Cornucopia. Here come previously unsuspected Destiny Breakthroughs!

Friday, April 15, 2005
The Essence Carnival Worker
Being right in the center of beauty and imagination, there is much to be done. In a playground of synchronicity as the colors of life run together with the mythic and mysterious, one is in alleigance with those who play roles within its creation and repair. There is an overwhelming atmosphere of illusions bridging into the metaphysical whether visitors realize it or not. And to be on the inside of the workings of this vortex of cacaphonous apparatus is to know both surface and inner depth. A real effort is necessary to meet the challenge of the dance of holding all this together. There are levels to this phenomena and the best way to fulfill your role in context is to be at one with the part to the utmost of artistic folly to where those experiencing it are enchanted and brought into the soul of the scene and the heart of its questions. When reality is uncertain, success begins when it is asked, "What is really going on here?" "Can your eyes open a little more and your mind move past its assumptions to begin to wonder at what it was not seeing until this Joker said the Word?

Thursday, April 14, 2005
The New Children of the Universe Dream Sauna
There is a rebirth taking place. While allowing a new beginning to generate from choosing peace, the space for inner receptivity of a very new path perception is present. All now is becoming unified and recreated in the direction of simplicity. The fresh wave of purpose is given and as part of the deal the care for those who would take up the journey is offered. As part of the healing there is a strong energy pouring out of the soul that wants to share in togetherness and brotherhood. For in this something new that is springing up, there is an ecstacy and an edge that is shining brightly, and asking us to be more than ever before. A call to become all of what we are and bring ourselves into incarnation to the fullest degree possible, so that dreams are lived, and so the world can be as a Field of Dreams.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Flight up Through a Volcano Shaft: Escape from the Center of the Earth
The climax of the expedition. You are now to become free and a survivor. You have been journeying so long. There is no usual sense of time. You have seen dragons. You have lost your way many times. The heat has been intense, the sights unbelievable, the discoveries fantastic. You have reached the core. The journey is done. At first there seems no way out. Before discovering the return path there is an empty space of not knowing. You are to endure this great effort in a response to what appears formidable mysteries. One must contemplate and see what one has come to and understand the whole spectrum of resources to consider what is truly next. The moment of inspiration shall emerge and then the magic of clear unencumbered motion will Illuminate as it goes the extraordinary feat which has been in the works all along. Accelerate to the surface in a plume of fire! You are now a galactic sovereign!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Great Celebrations as the Buddha Lands on Mars
Now is the moment when a culmination takes place. Descending through awesome changing elements the joy of arrival begins to arise as by expert maneuvers a special touchdown is about to happen. Cheers and prayers go up in many a soul giving thanks for the possibilities that are about to open up as a new foundation is planted on sacred ground. A seemingly endless journey is reaching something that only has been dreamt of before and what will follow is anybody's guess as the promise of the unprecidented invites potentials beyond the known. Join in the Hope of the Spirits of the Universe as the next powerful dispensation of creation is earthed.

Monday, April 11, 2005
Waiting in the House of Mirrors One Sees the Future
There is an inner labyrinth that is about to reveal the exit. But in the deep room of reflections that surrounds there is still a secret that holds a key to increased understanding for your imminent liberation. If found and followed the journey through the maze will have been fulfilled and your gain will be plain to improve your groove when you make your move. Yet as in all good myths, the treasure must be secured and safely carried through the adventure and back to safety to be won. It is up to the ingenuity of the Hero to enact the unusual where perhaps no other would succeed. It could be anything. It could be nothing. "They say that the trick is, to walk in backward, like your'e walking out." Here's your chance to get what Alice got when she came back through the Looking Glass...

Sunday, April 10, 2005
The World Stops for Musical Puppets from Another Planet
There is something great going on. As the smoke clears from many busy activities of civilization, there is a gradual overtaking of simply the experience of Being as a central force. Another view of how it all is unfolding moves in like a slow lunar drift. Somewhere inside the knowledge that the best way possible to track with life is changing. The adjustments perceivable in one's own way of individual growth are the wisest choices to make in aligning with its evolving perfection. In order to approach the Whole Picture for optimum success, the feel for a new format is primary. In the shifting of the Doors of Time there are openings to discover which work in unexpected ellipses. This is one of them. In it can be sensed other civilizations who have gone far beyond our own that have acheived unimaginable things. They are singing now to show us how we can grow.

Saturday, April 9, 2005
Eagles Everywhere Perching Upon Flagpoles
Their is a usurping of the old false obsolete order for the real Truth. In an ushering out of symbolic delusions and artificial barriers of forces of the past, new and universal forces descend from on high with a much more resonant and complete picture of possibilities for the world. There is great contention and controversy within the minds of the ones who would deny there is anything new under the Sun, yet the pure power of what presents itself addresses such hope and beauty where before there was only visionless, barren, deathly, and shortsighted failure scripts. Believe in following the emerging positive opening. Go for the next wave of inspiration and the fruits of the season will be abundant.

Friday, April 8, 2005
Jiminy Cricket Witnesses the Entrance of the Blue Fairy
When unusual and rare situations call for it, there are times when the Great Beyond produces divine intervention. In the experience of solitary paths of extraordinary courage or very specified efforts of important evolution, perhaps the only move to ensure that the virtuous and worthy pioneers of the edge are supported in their important contribution to the All, is the sending in of special forces to invisibly pull off little or big miracles. The potentially strange combination of changes that are in transition during this new moon/solar eclipse are such that there may be so many unknowns contained in beginings and endings it may be appropriate to invoke the Guardians of Destiny and ask the Infinite Universe for its compassion and blessings. This is the Spiritual Component of Chaos Theory.

Thursday, April 7, 2005
The Crystal Skull Directs the Wizards on to Paradise
The minds of the receptive are blessed with the vision of the way amidst the maya of what is vanishing from the Earth. Directly into living knowledge are transmissions from a higher source on how to get there from here. The long journey is ages old, yet the promised land as a goal is enough to rally all towards this bountiful work for the expedition. All that is needed is the navigational openess and the release of any limiting paradigms to allow for those intending to take part in the trek the best assimilation of what is shared in the wisened council of elders, who have been following this beautiful story since the beginning of time. Afterward it is up to anyone how to respond to the news. Some may need to rest thier wits or bodies. Others may be excitedly gathering what they need. There is a place for all in this world, in peace.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005
Clark Kent Leaves Farm for New York Superman Gig
Surrendering to what you know as your Higher Self. There is a real split experience here. There is a sense of exile and being outcast from all that is possible, and that for a greater part, nothing is going on. So much held in potential, watching in silence. Outer world involvements are out of reach, yet there is a strong resonance with universal frequencies that the consensus reality denies. It is time for your soul's totality to manifest into the particular. Surrendering to the quest for the higher ground, there is the decision to surrender to the revealing of your inner power. Radiant may be your influence. Irresistable may be your magic. Greatly of benefit to all may be your planetary triumph.

Monday, April 4, 2005
Initialize Your Third Brain Hemisphere
Allow genius to produce new definitions of all thought in play. Some areas of mind are dormant. Some are now to begin an extended performance that moves the edge of mental alchemy into wide open frontiers. By experiencing and contemplating dark and light passing through life, a zen center may appear in a synthesis of raw intelligence grasping the essential keys to freedom and the way forward in the total design. Sovereignty by brilliance. Integrity by choice. Virtue by truth. Power by knowledge. Reality by perception. Happiness by acceptance. Cosmic integration by oneness.

Sunday, April 3, 2005
A Vulcan Master Sees Through Heavy Weather
The advanced ascended consciousness perceives the true inner track of all that is going on. The key to this now is to hold true to the Spirit who he/she is serving from the center of the heart. The utter devotion unto the source of sustaining power electrifies the way to establish the foundations of the earth. All at once there is great exaltation. All at once too there is a rare darkness. Make the Stroke of Destiny. Overcome. Cultivate. Orchestrate. For there is a tornado of false time phantoms coming out of the shadows to rain on the parade. The champions of planetary liberation shall see the path of light beyond oppressive clouds and will set out to do whatever it takes to fulfill in action. The timeless servants of evolution will see their cherished open horizon appear again beneath a clear blue sky.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

In the Birth Canal of the New World
The Mother of all Creation is in labor. We are all being born as the world around us is in the pangs of releasing the dead, their ashes floating high and away, and grey down on the Earth to be returned as dust to their origin. The visceral womb of life is in great contractions and through the pain and effort, the unprecidented joy of the Divine Child appearing at last holds all here fast to the hours. The senses are filling and the heart is soaring with the promise of coming to the fruition of a very long pregnancy. There shall likely be moments of fear and anguish as the severe passage and trials of the process may take us through spaces we have never known. Give the whole thing Love and Care, and Nurture the expectant wonder that is imminent, and the new hope of the Miracle as the Spirit arrives.

Friday, April 1, 2005
The Hero Carries the Torch of God The Vision is all that matters. The Faith in the original impulse of the course you are on to serve the Sacred is essential. Layers and cycles of false powers are in a flux of illusive maneuvers and the Warrior is tested to hold within the unwavering mind and the alliegance to the Allies that empower the workers of beauty, truth and goodness. Purpose as your singular center shall ensure to bring you the navigating blessings no matter how turbulent the tide. Believe in and embrace your own mythical importance in a world where it may be unreflected and still invisible, and your perserverence shall Win you the Victory. The Secret Fire that you deliver across the Great Bridge will greatly effect more than you can know at this time.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Receiving the Stellar Imprint
There is a transition at hand. The Earth now becomes a Grail for a knowledge dispensation that is revealed in the perception of multiple time planes. Some are leaving. Some are arriving. At least from the point of view of those observing. One may feel like a visitor, belonging to little here. On top of this are Light Energy transmissions emanating from major influential stars whispering audibly to the minds of the attentive, singing powerfully of new meanings for planetary life. There is in fact such an immense amount of phenomena happening, that in order not to go into overwhelm, realize what is relevant to your one life, and proceed in a way which Clears and Purifies for that to be made real. There are New Starting Grounds being laid and as such foundations are established, the ripple effects will go on and on.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
The Direct Perception of Parallel Worlds.
This opportunity to successfully bridge realms and bring back treasures to our own is given the go ahead by universal support. Before your eyes and all subtle senses crystallizes a window that is rarely founded for human access. Inner certainty and belief will strengthen what is possible to establish in accomplishments and discerning operations toward extraordinary ends. A special metaphysical meeting ground of freelance enthusiasm for any participants has an agenda of new and needed activities for the good of all. For any of you who ever read Castenada's Tales of Power, this smacks very closely to Don Juan's "the Tonal and the Nagual." There is a way beyond and it is here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Elucing the Medusa by a Reflecting Prism
When the forms of adversaries enter the stage, seeing into the symbols of polarization begins to reveal how we are setting up this arrangement in ourselves. By stepping out of the roles and losing the written part altogether, we may become the pure motion of what needs to be done instinctually. Survival is attained in becoming one with the act and producing the unusual that is required for such a special situation as our antagonist presents. Pull out your secret weapon of peace and as the rainbow light is shown, the whole company of the play shall ascend, willingly and gracefully, to the life giving truth which all beings seek.


Monday, March 28, 2005
The Art of Multi-Cultural Knowledge Into One Form One cannot help but see more than only what is here. An inner archcheological memory library informs you that a synthesis of undeniable wisdom relevant to the now insists on coming through, if the seeds of healing the world are to be sown. It is plain that what is needed for the scene begs for real truth and the extra oomph drawn as innovations for the immediate could be the wild cards that wake the jaded and conventional. Working the mix is the point and whatever the assortment of factors in play, give heed to it all, and you may find it come to a deep flowering on a happier planet.

Sunday, March 27, 2005
Venom Transmuted by the Heart's Spectacular Dream
Initiation by existence is taken in through an astral level of experience and metamorphosed at maximum. On the level of appearances a humorous conscious detachment may let off some steam as the pressure goes through its motions. Yet a strong rite of passage with the body is in play and on the other side of the trip is a person changed and empowered. Intention is key in seeing through the exercise which tours various extreme polar opposites demanding trust in the process. The Character built in the end is blessed with the Realizations of Intuition and a New Energy gazing upon a Fresh Horizon of Vision

Saturday, March 26, 2005
Winds in the Night Blow in From the Past and Future Be unwaveringly independent of the story tides of time. Steer your way forward while being attuned to all that is behind and all that is before. Make for your destination in light and dark, no matter if there be rumblings or voices to deceive you from journeying toward destiny. If temporary blocks are encountered, be patient in the Tao, and the natural course will eventually return in time. It is also a time to speak, call signals, as an agent of harmonizing, working the Air as a Healer of Time. As the currents pass through, they may markedly shift by the magic we do.

Friday, March 25, 2005
The Planetary Body of Isis Rises Witness as the veils part upon the threshold of alternative worlds. A direct link to the living Goddess moves in energy and form. The fresh impulse of the stream that once shaped the ancient world speaks beautifully and redemptively to a nurturing embrace of life in honoring its true nature and of whispered visions for the future. The moon is full and the power of celestial forces brings us through peak capacity, strong lessons and purpose oriented revelations. The balance of the way is found and the grace to meet is danced harmoniously as the bright birthing of the green gate is lit.

Thursday, March 24, 2005
The Essence of Practical Devotion
Stripped bare of all unnecessary encumberments of obsolete civilized baggage, the virtues of diamond hearted individuals offer their all to the Source. The clear object of compassion is reached by any through the deep contemplation of what is one's truth and one's ultimate experience of the absolute need for support by the Guardians of Destiny. As one begins to perceive with pure openness the dependency upon the constant bestowal of sustaining love and total knowingness by the Great Spirits, the enlightenment of the actual nature of how the universe works unveils bit by bit, until the Co-cooperation Network starts to materialize in the mind of its devotees. For those who understand this is as a given, the exponential effects of taking this and running with it is astonishing, when watching the Miracle in the motion of putting the core of Life together, and Blessing the Way for the workers of evolution to be realized. Your mission now is to Organize for the Light to Shine!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Applause from the Entire Host of Heaven Let it through! Emotional flood! Go wild. Make magic. If you spread forth the overflow of gracious gifts that is raining upon the world, the harvest of creation will orchestrally resound in every cell and atom. Command the good will within the energy that, though perhaps cannot possibly move in a straight line or produce the initially intended results, is beaming in from everywhere and filling up our hearts and souls with the radiant rainbow colored catalysers that can transform the globe. Enthusisam can actually produce triumph now, if embraced in its raw and original perfection. Pull from potentials into Utopia.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
More in the Mirror Illuminates Tunnelvisioin
There's just more going on here than is generally accepted. Who else beyond who you imagine is just you, is definitely something and other, and the expanded company might serve to supplement whatever you are up to. Seeing through your own imposed boundaries could liberate your status from one who may need a metaphysical upgrade, to a bare bones informed agent with extra help from a new resource. And well then fine, so be it! You have much to do and your solid center of autonomy and uncompromizing foundation of certainty may buck all contemporary trends of superficial programming and deleted memory games to carry through the age old craft of earth sustaining excellence.

Monday, March 21, 2005
Descending Underground to Activiate the Greaty Pyramid
The way to discover the secret of activating the ancient architecture is to travel to the bottom where the counterpoint is found. In adapting to the absence of light in these kinetic halls of power you may find the unawakened parts of yourself that may fill in the blanks. You may by the exercise of journeying into the uncovered mystery grow in ways that would otherwise not have occured. In seeing the synchronicity that is the very moment to have brought you here, one can Believe that the long and winding unfoldment since Birth is a path involved in an ever evolving matrix of connection. When, by nightfall, the touchstone is torched, and the above Star aligns, the resonant field shall inform Life and show us the way.

Sunday, March 20, 2005
The Trinary of Innocuous Divinity Here we are being reborn in the Equinox of Spring. And this time there are questions. All is seeming twofold in what is and what is not. Even in the sometimes blinding nature of duality, there are yet other elements independent of the scenario's illusion. The Alchemy that requires us is the call to act. We see and find that it is ourselves that the future needs now. The natural time to start has come and the labor brings with it the joy of progression. For here is the next beginning and the great opportunity to take up what shall be the New World that keeps dreaming us. In bringing forth the depth of living conviction within and without, we experience what is hidden beneath as the indwelling spirit that has been waiting so long in patient power, realizing that incarnation may hold no bounds.

Saturday, March 19, 2005
The Vision from the Summit as Time Stands Still This is the suspended prelude before creation. This is the twilight zone before the Spring where this first month finds the mind peculiarly inverted! This is the hour when one's own vertical alignment with Reality is empowered in its stillness and patience like a subject posing for a magnificent sculpture. This is the point where for a while Time will begin to travel in two directions and as the subtle change takes place people may tend to speak only to be misunderstood, mirrored by another who is on another journey. The Earth is pregnant with many futures. Those of the Highest Will shall prevail. Open your eyes and see what is before you, through the Here and Now, and you shall naturally flow in the stream of Destiny.

Friday, March 18, 2005
Sail Away with the Dancing Balinese Extraterrestrials! There is an unyielding enchantment spiral that is moving across the land. Strains of heaven-on-earthly music are flowing through the air. The beauty of timeless culture in harmony with profound myth colors the senses and soothes the mind with peace. This all in contrast with the presence of an unconscious power that begs to be integrated into the world no matter how underground or difficult one may experience it. The healing unto a whole way of being is the imperative in why joining the dance solves the dillemna. For the players know and can share universal life as the Source which is found to be Everywhere, near and far, on earth and star.

Thursday, March 17, 2005
Drawing from Experience of the Last Voyage
There is a new journey calling. The hidden directors of the seven winds are coordinating their plans. Final preparations are in motion for a grand undertaking to begin. And those who have made such travels shall be commissioned once more. If you look deep within your soul you may see archives of knowledge from ways gone before. You may honor these as treasures won for the good of all. If about you are careless voices who would discount the wisdom of the ages, you have the right to smile to yourself and to the gods, that you are quietly aware of the timeless story of creation. For when the trumpets sound and the knights and captains and explorers of the realm are revealed again to be seen, the earth and her peoples will be glad and take heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
The Beautiful Mandala is Where the Priest Vanished
The grains of sand are balancing the duality of it all. There is this. And there is that. All this is that. And inside find we are all of it. In the totality there is something that you are blessed with, to create within the existence of all. What is you best expression to offer out to the crying world? The good of the whole asks that you make choices as to what the world shall receive by the influence of your presence in this time. There are many roads to take. Which one is yours is the core of the free will question that so profoundly shapes whether great things occur. Take all into your hands and become. To quote the Walrus, "I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Entering the Center of the Stargate
There is a dimensional opening before you. The celestial cycles of magnetism are beaming a vortex of light which beckons. It is well to accept this rare invitation to traverse what otherwise are inaccessible distances. There is apprehension of course, and care to be taken for such powerful opportunities, yet the possibilities of adventuring in/out/up beyond, reaching to destinations guided by intelligences of great stellar architects, are what may hold undiscovered secrets which could help shape the future course of evolution for humanity. If before you there appears a chance of this miralulous trajectory to transcend time and space, embrace the silent affirmation and go.

Monday, March 14, 2005
Momentary Darkness the Innocent Trust of the Heart Frees
The light of the Sun is temporarily blotted out. For a time uncertainty may dominate, yet the inner flame is steady as the imperative to carry it all through moves the faithful toward its goal. Though strange and trying circumstance may accompany the journey, the messenger who forges ahead through wild and untamed elements shall by sheer perserverence outlast the unknowns and indeterminates in childlike belonging to the course given. If daunted shake it off. If misdirected return forth. Stay pure and steady. As Parsifal obtained the Grail by the simple genuine answer, so the humble before the heavens shall be protected in the path of righteousness. Then come the doors of liberation.

Sunday, March 13, 2005
Perspective from a Liferaft when Moby Dick Sinks the S.S. Piquad
There is experience of consciousness when great dramatic occurences heighten the awareness of the raw components of life. The powers of unfathomable natural forces at rare moments rise and overtake the scene in awesome ways that can change the course of anything in their wake. In times as this some find their way while others may not. Within the flow of motion are the secrets to coming through immense and unusual passages. If those who are fated to make such journeys keep a calm and clear head and navigate by their guiding star, doubt and fear of the unknown will not cause them to lose sight when strong tides challenge the ship. Mark your own course. Steer independently. Rise to occasion of piloting through the Depths as the Spirit grows into an Earthworthy Captain of Planetary Mastery.

Saturday, March 12, 2005
The Four Directions Turn to the Seventh for Help
Available now are channeled answers and guides. Look to the crown for the Artform of the Ones who have the ascended vantage point. Sit in the Center of your Soul and the receptivity will illumine like a candle flame. Stand in the Center of the World and you will strike the balance in the ocean of elements. Much is being cleansed from the planet, extending beyond just personal karma. There is a collective working that may expose some shadowy critters spreading chaos like it was the thing to do. There are plenty of fakers around. Be your own boss and remember Who you serve. And if all this only simply generates inside you new design alternatives to enact later when the spirit says "go," the the art of revelation will be fulfilled and the Ones who have helped you to get it will be smiling.

Friday, March 11, 2005
The Earthworker Succeeds by Becoming the Earth
Intrepid indwelling in the fabric of existence brings one ultimately to the passage of entering in through it. The experience of further awakening in an incarnation presents the objective before one as asking for a lot. What it will take to really make this turn out right is an absolute surrender to the methods of engaging with matter on its own terms. In the process the seperation between you and it loses its distinction. In the faith of taking hold of what the Great Mother offers us as the way to excellence, one shall come in the end to Know what it can be to live and accomplish toward the marriage of heaven and earth.